Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lets talk drama: part deux

Lets talk drama in real homes. Homes that you and I create, live in, laugh designer/stylist/airbrushers/professional-anybodys involved! Just us-- you and I. Here's my question--how do you bring inspiration home? How does what you see in blogs, magazines and television translate to your home?

I want to take you on a small trip with me- we'll be journeying to some blogger homes for inspiration. But first I need to say something....this blog didn't just start itself- it was born of my need to join in the conversation with some very talented bloggers- in part, it was my way of thanking them and showing them how that little thing they did each day (posting pictures, talking about inspiration, just letting us into their lives) actually made an impact in ours. (In part, it was also the realization that my comments were getting to be the size of posts-in short I needed to get a room!!). So bear with me as we go through the "drama series" (yup, there's a part trois in here somewhere!-stop groaning, there IS a point to this.)

Magazines and design shows on television love to throw the words "focal point" at us. They also love to use color, and we're willing suckers for those gorgeous designer rooms; but, where do you draw the line-- how much color is enough? If, like me, you're drawn to the more saturated colors-how do you live with it? These lovely gals show us how ......

You amp up the impact like Patricia (Patty) and create a "rani-pink" wall. The perfect backdrop for her brass Krishanji statue. But those little strings-of-shells are the icing on the cake.

Another wall in Patty's (previous) home....
Note the glorious use of color.

The pièce de résistance....her dining room.
You can view past tours of Patty's home here and here. If you haven't already, I would recommend you visit her here. Some serious inspiration awaits....

It doesn't really need to be a whole wall....drama can come in all sizes... Case in point-Sanghamitra's wow entryway! That's focal point!
Again, if you haven't seen her home-tour yet, you need to go visit. She blogs over at Rainbow-the colors of India, and her blog really does live up to its name!! :)

I've already introduced you to Kamini and her lovely home in Seattle. Today, we're also dropping in to see some dramatic walls in her Hyderabad home--the rusty-orange dining room wall (such a sophisticated color!)

And then there's this glorious niche in her living room......

Another elegant color. Which acts as the perfect frame for her artwork. Lovely figurines and the spotlight. Bam!
You can visit the lovely and very talented Kamini here.

There was no way I could do this post and not include this picture from Archana's previous home in Bangalore....
That set of nine terracotta tiles, which she painted with graphic motifs, in that bold orange square....

This home has been featured in BBC good homes. Archana's blog, Rang Decor is the mother-lode of design ideas.

The part I like best-all these ideas were executed by these extremely talented gals themselves....they had an idea, rolled up their sleeves and went to work!!! I hope you enjoyed visiting with them as much as I did.... Thank you, ladies, for opening your homes to us.....keep on blogging and inspiring.....


  1. Sorry Gagan..but I couldn't locate the "contact me" button. I don't know why I don't see it.

  2. Hi Shweta, I've tried to put it up again. I guess I messed up the first time...hope it works now!

  3. I simply love the colors of all the homes. I love the krishna's background the best!

  4. I'm starting to sound like a broken record...but thank you again, Gagan! Orange/red seems to be a favorite "drama" color! I love the other walls too and am now thinking of repainting another wall in my house a shade of orange! Thanks a lot!

  5. Thank you for featuring the 9 terracotta tiles wall:-)


  6. @preeti...I love the krishna wall too!

    @Kamini- I should be the one thanking you for all the inspiration and for sharing so much..I don't know if orange/red is the only drama color, but that's the one that really gets me!!! :)

    @Arch...I cannot begin to tell you how many times I've viewed your home and dreamed of doing something like that wall. Ditto for patty's krishna wall!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Thanks a ton Gagan for the feature :)
    I simply loved all these bloggy buddies drama-wall-colours!
    Very well done Gals!!


  8. Hey Sanghamitra, thanks for loaning the pix, and for the inspiration. :)

  9. Lovely pictures and amazing people!

  10. I am a regular @ Patty's and Archana's Blogs. Very beautiful blogs or extremely beautiful people.

    How I wish I had the courage to paint at least one wall orange...that fiery hue which transforms everything.

  11. @Pree, stay tuned for part three for an easy-out option... :)

  12. Hey... cant wait to see the next parts on these... This is true 'Drama' and sure inspiration for me... to do something in my new home... Love all the images here... simply awesome!!

  13. Fabulous homes and even more fabulous ladies :-)

  14. @ Patty, PLEASE do something in your new home- we're all really keen for new inspiration! :)

    @Anu, Thanks.. :D

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  16. Hey Gagan, When are you going to showcase your home pictures? We all would love to get a glimpse of your life. don't keep us waiting:)

  17. Hi Shweta...I'm just incredibly lazy with the camera :) but i'm getting there...soon, I promise.

  18. @Devi, thank you and welcome to my space! :)


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