Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Home Tour: Kamini's home in Seattle.

Good morning, gentle readers-- how has your week been so far? Mine has had its share of pleasant moments and I'd like to share one with you today. I would like to introduce you to Kamini, who blogs over at Saffron and Silk, and at Zingara Girl. Kamini, an interior designer by profession, is also an artist, yogaphile, and enthusiastic gardener. Oh, and did I mention that she loves dogs?
Kamini's blog has become one of my daily reads-just what I need with my morning cup of chai....her voice paints the persona of someone I would love to know IRL--- I'll leave you to discover the many facets to her personality as you peruse her blog at your own pace.

I'm sharing with you today pictures of Kamini's waterfront condo on Alki Ave. in Seattle. They had glorious views of Puget Sound, of sunsets and sailboats. Those of you who have lived near any water-body know how awesome that must have been.....

Her living room-- you can see the waters of Puget Sound through the sliding doors.

This is how Kamini described her style in a recent post..."Those who know me and follow my blog probably know by now that I like rooms and interiors that have clean simple uncluttered lines. No little tchotchkes and things for me......some nice linear furniture, bold bright artwork, maybe a few accessories for the tables, plants, textured fabrics.....and lots of color by way of walls and pillows and rugs!"

The dining room. Love the dramatic red wall.

And kitchen.....I like her open shelving for books. Where do you store your cookbooks?

In her words "After my son left for college we downsized from a 5 BR home in the burbs to a 2 BR condo in downtown! Yes, we threw out a LOT of stuff, it was liberating!.......The dining room led to an outdoor patio.....our favorite place for dinner in the summer. We'd sit on the barstools and watch the ferries, joggers and dogs go by as we ate."

This view is to die for....

The  cozy guest bedroom  (love the bedspread, and the floor pillows)........

And guest bath.......

Kamini lived in Seattle for 22 years, before moving back to Hyderabad. She tells me that a home-tour of her current home is in the works over at one of my favorite blogs, Once Upon a Tea Time. I'm looking forward to visiting her again....Till then- thank you, Kamini, for opening your home to us.

All images: courtesy Kamini @Saffron and Silk


  1. Thank you Gagan! I am simply overwhelmed....2 wonderful design blogs featuring my 2 different homes in one day! Thank you both so much! It is deeply appreciated!

  2. Oh where's my comment gone?? anyways, also to let you know I'm adding you to my blogroll.. so keep blogging EVERYDAY!! :)

  3. Ok, so previous to this one (which did get publish after all) I said how much I'm loving your blog too! And thanks for dropping by at mine and I guessed you were from dilli coz you are right about gufa.
    Oh, and I'm totally loving the bedspread! :)

  4. Hey kamini, Thank you for opening your homes to us- now I'm curious did you ship your stuff back to India- it is the same center table and couch in the living room isn't it? Anyway, you homes are is your art. :)

  5. Neha, welcome and thank you- I loved your post on the botanicals too- funny thing, my comment wouldn't go through.... :D

  6. Fabulous post Gaga and a fabulous home Kamini. Love going to Alki on weekends :-)

  7. Thanks Anu. Lucky you-sigh..those views...

  8. Yes Gagan, we shipped all our stuff back and you will see many of the same pieces in both homes! :-)Good catch!

  9. Kamini, I hope it wasn't intrusive, just that I really do love to look at all the little details (like that cute brass flowerpot in the bathroom to hold books- I'm SO copying that!!)


  10. Not intrusive at all Gagan! It's all about sharing ideas and copy anything you want! I get so many neat ideas from other peoples' homes.

  11. beautiful home..hyd and seattle...cant get enough of such wonderful home tours...and another matter of pride is that I am from hyderabad and it feels nice to see a home tour from hyd featured in such oh-so-yummy blogs!!

  12. Welcome and thank you Sudha--I've only visited H'bad once as an adult, but spent two years as a child in Secundrabad- I have many special memories....of the people and warmth and the FOOD...can you tell I'm a foodie too!

  13. very nice house, Kamini...i spent a lot of time in Seattle in one of my past lives and just love the water and the must be missing it!

  14. Hi kamini,

    Great house and a great taste. Sending this from Oslo Norway and am from Hyderabad too. Got glued to ur blog and it is 3.00 AM . Got to go. Wonderful touring your space last few hours :-)

  15. gorgeous.. gorgeous home. totally fallen in love seeing those pics!!

  16. gorgeous.. gorgeous home. totally fallen in love seeing those pics!!


  17. This is such a wonderful blog ...and the home is an inspiration. wow!!


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