Thursday, June 24, 2010

Designer Profile: Deepali Kalia

Good morning friends, I hope yesterday's sneak peek whetted your desire to meet the designer I would like to introduce you to--Deepali Kalia. Deepali is a textile designer who has been running her own business for the past four years; and judging by the testimonials posted on her site, she's pretty good at what she does.

If you're like me, you've been seeing these rad cushions with sea-creature inspired motifs cropping up everywhere....that's what led me to Deepali's store- Filling Spaces. Enter exhibit 1.......

Aren't they simply gorgeous? I'd find it hard to pick just one.

Oh, I'm not done with her utterly delicious pillows just yet......

Yup, there's more.....

Filling spaces carries an extensive line of home furnishings including throws and drapes.....


"Khadi"-work curtains....

A close up of the embroidery....

Sometimes, when you see pictures of pretty things, its hard to visualize the end product...

not in this case... the room pictured above was designed by designer Cheryl Janis, using textiles designed by Deepali. 

Deepali's store, Filling Spaces is located in Portland, Oregon. Stop in and say hi to Deepali- she blogs over at The Mood Board. Many thanks to Deepali for providing the pictures and inspiration for this post.


  1. Hi Gagan,thanks for the lovely post! your compliments just made my day!i hope to return the favor some day,
    I will link this to my blog:)~much love Deepali

  2. Hey Deepali,

    I HAD to get those pretty things out there....thanks for sharing!


  3. Wow really beautiful fabrics. My favorite - the khadi work curtains, I love them. Deepali, your stuff is beautiful! I have a designer friend in Portland (who also loves textiles, i will definitely let her know). Great post Gagan!

  4. Finally know your name:)...and Deepali's stuff is simply gorgeous! Super find!

  5. @Kamini-I LOVE khadi work-- from way back in the 80's when it was all the rage, my mom and sis had the block printed khadi work stuff--I'm glad it's seeing a revival.

    @Sharon... :D sorry 'bout that! and thanks for visiting.

  6. beautiful stuff!!.. heart the cushion covers!!!

  7. @Bedazzled, OUATT: Thanks. :)

  8. Did I miss this post as well... gosh!!! This is some gorgeous stuff.. I've been following Deepalis blog for a while now... and have missed a lot of stuff there too... :-(

    Wish I had a few more hours to my day... Lovely Gagan.. thank you for sharing this.. and taking me back to Deepalis.. :-)


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