Monday, April 4, 2011

Hot N Cold

Spring is being such a tease! Hot one day, cold the next..........bah! Me? I can't wait to flaunt my loot---picked up this lovely block-printed scarf this trip. Bonus: it has khadi-work accents--- very subtle hints of dull gold, I know this scarf is going to be a favorite this summer!

Pictures taken by me.

What are you longing to wear this spring/summer?

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  1. ah! would have asked you to pick up one for me :LP

  2. Loving the scarf...
    You posted a lot many great things recently and i could not see it's time :)

  3. The temperatures are going to be pretty good here. I have decided that I am going to dress for Spring. So what if I shiver for a few minutes, after that the body adjusts ;). I have a beautiful cream shawl and I want to wear it with my linen outfit. Bring it on.


  4. Pretty scarf! The temperatures keep swinging but I am not complaining ... though we desperately rain some rain here :P

    ♡ from ©
    Win a Dress, on me?

  5. Lovely Pic. Liked the top too :-). Yes now these peek-a-boo from Spring is getting on the nerves. can't wait more

  6. super cute scarf. Oh I just want spring/summer to be here soon! I can't wait to wear skirts without tights and I can't wait to add more color to my wardrobe!

  7. I can't wait to wear sandals! I got my toes done last week just in case! I would love you to share my entry way on your blog! What do I need to do?

  8. Check out my new range of Handloom Cotton stuff, oh so suitable for our summer!!!
    The 8-piece skirt

  9. oh!! what a gorgeous scarf.. Did you buy anything for me.. *grin*.. If not.. you can send me this scarf... *smiles*

  10. pretty pretty very pretty. And funny that the Australian winter never teases. It just descends :|

  11. O, your scarf is very, very pretty!
    I can't wait to wear dresses again. Yay!


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