Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Playing "house"...

For a kid who showed absolutely no interest in her dollies (apart from performing random acts of surgery on them) and used her little toy teacups as makeshift dirt scoops, it's funny how much pleasure I derive from moving things around the house. It helps that I have a new* stash of treasures that complements my existing decor........
I spent several hours snatched moments fussing around the house this past weekend...the headache was very much there, and this was my little escape from reality...........my usual fix, the computer screen, was off limits due to the migraine.....I apologize for the poor light in the pictures--it's been really dull and wintry out here for the past week. But won't you admire my pretty new (to me)--(yes, that sucker's thrifted!) lotus? Also in the limelight are a pair of (thoroughly mismatched!!!)  ponies, part of the loot that made the 30+ hour journey back!
* I didn't go crazy with the whole shopping thing back in India this time around.....my mom was generous enough to part with a whole lot of her collectibles (which was awesome, as I'd grown up with this "stuff" scattered around the house and I feel really grateful for the memories that they carry with them). There are table linens that were brought out for special parties, including a whole lot of stuff that my mom made...Hopefully, there'll be posts in the future where I'll be able to share the general awesomeness of my haul with you. For now, I'm tired, and I'm so ready to hit the bed...{yawn}....tomorrow is another day{yawn}. I'll see you tmrw....

PS: what do you think of the new format for the pictures? Pretty neat huh? Me likey. You?(I don't think it'll show up as good in reader tho'---so you reader readers may want to check it out in situ??) haha reader readers. I'm seriously ready for bed now....g'night all.


  1. Me Likey. Change is always good. Ponies are cool and what a treasure to inherit the heritage. Will look forward to see them in future

  2. Luv the pony in the last pic... What is he made of - metal ...?

  3. Somebody did some cool shopping in India this time. Huh?!!

  4. I had an orchid in pink but since the soil needs to be moistened at all times, it had some flies growing in it and soon our apartment was infested. They aren't harmful but were very annoying. I hope you don't face the same.

    But yes, you're right. They're so elegant :) And white's even better, no?

  5. Really really liked the ponies. And my CB2 post had a similar set of 3 lotus candle holdders, but still contemplating if its worth paying $14 for that.

  6. Thanks girls! :D Good to hear from you!

    @Emreen: it's made of brass....
    @Shweta: a lot of what you see was "shopped at home" or flicked from ma's shelves. I did pay for the mirrorwork pony tho'.
    @Cupcake:Shudder at the thought. I hate creepy crawlies(ones with wings are even worse!). My orchids don't need to be watered all the time---I water them once every 10 days or so. I have a plant with pink blooms that is still in it's vegetative state--I'm hoping to see some flowers soon tho!
    @Divs: I picked mine up from a thrift store for $1.49. I'd hold out on buying the CB2 stuff till it comes on sale or you get lucky bargain hunting.

  7. that last pony looks like its from Bankura, WB! How lovely! I am also in the process of commissioning my mom (who's coming over in May) to bring me some of my granny's and other relatives' old treasures...ones they may have tired of, but which I would love to own!!

  8. Hope you feel better soon.What? No shopping? Thats so not you! Btw looks like your mom's treasure box has some awesome stuff.I loved the lotus & the ponies. Did u get the mirror pony from Dilli Haat?Looks gorgeous.
    Take care.Its spring here.I hope it reaches you too.

  9. The lotus shot is gorgeous. Its been gloomy here in Dallas as well.

    I like the new format of the pictures. Welcome back!!!!

  10. @R: Great eye! Yup, it is a brass bankura horse- very iconic; he's a tiny guy but really heavy (solid brass)...I love dredging up the insides of cupboards and suitcases--do share some pictures when your mom gets here!

    @Tanvi: I picked up the mirror pony from the emporia complex @ barakhamba marg. Wasn't able to squeeze in a trip to dilli haat. :(

    @ Geeta: Thanks--I've been itching to try some new stuff here on P&P. Glad you liked it!

  11. Thanks for the comments, GB. Very sweet of you :)

    BTW, you should definitely do a post on some easily grown, hassle free indoor plants and how to care for them. I think we can create our own tranquility with some greens in the house. I just started with it, and I've already seen some disasters :( Not giving up though, not giving up :)

  12. Seems like you and I were in India at the same time. And both of us brought back some sickness (mine was not migraine, though...as you read in my post).
    Anyhoo, moms are so selfless, aren't they? My mom did the exact same thing. Parted with some home decor that she had for years. And now they adorn my shelves. Love her for that.
    And love your ponies too.

  13. I love picking things up in India on my trips, some day must share:) I love all of them, but the horses especially.

  14. Loved the white lotus...what a great find! And the brass pony- gorgeous.
    I love collecting brass stuff and if it wasn't for the weight restriction, I'd get loads full of them from India...but as you said they're really HEAVY.
    Looking forword to more of your loot.

  15. The new format adds a new funk. Good funk :). Nice souvenirs :). I bought none this time but did find some treasures for my mini house. There's a craze for shit catcher pants here (I now own 7-8 of them) haha and tantra t-shirts :).

    Please post your mum's gifts. I will love to see them :)

  16. lovely finds GB. Can't wait to see more of your shopping bag :) Good to hear you are feeling a lil better!

  17. in july- thats when i'll be visiting home and i'm going to do a post similar to this and make you feel as green as I do rt now looking at your loot!! After a long time, GB..how're things. SOrry, i never got back to u..

  18. We had a few of those cloth ponies back in our home and those metal Bastar animals too ..
    Loved your new collectibles and waiting for more..


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