Monday, March 28, 2011

(Dare I say it?) I'm back!

Hello my lovelies!  I'm much better now (in case you're interested, I had a cold which morphed into an ear infection which morphed into the mostg0d@wful!! headache ever. Did I tell you how grateful I am to be living in an age where we have antibiotics? People used to die of bacterial infections in the pre-antibiotic era!) (Sorry for the dramatics, I've been MIA too long! :) )

How goes your day? I'm enjoying me some black grapes and pepper jack cheese for now (healthy and yummy--check and check). Not bad for a day that started with (a seemingly interminable) round of calls to customer service representatives, dmv officials and other such pleasing conversations. It's official---I'm drowning in paperwork. With no end in sight. No, I'm really not kidding here............paperwork stretching out ahead of me, of us, for the next couple of months. At least. In the end I shall emerge victorious(!), triumphant(!), {insert appropriate image of a flag-bearing human form, scaling a peak/claiming moonland/the antarctic}.... and move onward(!!!) to attack the next round of paperwork, because, as we all know: paperwork begets more paperwork, right?


But that's good news for you dear reader: to distract myself from trying to scale (my puny 8ft (??)) walls as I am put "on hold", I sit in front of the computer and surf as if my life depended on it. The result: awesome, stop-you-in-your-tracks content (or re-hashed, mediocre content that looks fabulous to me compared to instrumental versions of "my heart will go on" playing out of the telephone earpiece! LOL!). So before I totally lose  my audience (did the parentheses and exclamation point overload get you yet?) hee hee), let me move on with some appropriate images (nah, scratch the flag-waving human, let's get back to design shall we?). While I was in India, I did a lot of research (translated: read a lot of magazines while lolling around in the sun, LOL!)....I brought back a few tear-sheets** to share with you...Here's the first set, torn out of the February '11 issue of LivingEtc (India Edition).

 (click on image to see the original size)
Image copyrights held by LivingEtc..........

Love the rich, saturated blues, the sparklies, and the pinks (only as accents, of course!)!  Did you notice the picture wall in the second room? I love the juxtaposition of traditional and modern!! Anything reach out and grab you in particular?

PS: I'm really hoping to be back in the blogosphere, pukka, regular-like. But it may take a while as I ease myself into the rhythms and cadence of day to day living. The backlog on posts on P&P (delicious ones! ones worth writing and reading!!) could rival those mountains of files in your favorite babu's office, and I'm trying my best to get things moving again............I long for the P&P of yore as much as (I hope, fervently!!) you do. I have to catch up on my reading, my source of endless inspiration, a.k.a. you. I shall be by your blogs and I shall read my fill...I'm looking forward to it in joyful anticipation......See you soon, my loves!!

PPS: **Pages torn out of magazines ain't really my style....but I had to do it because I'd rather use my measly baggage allowance to haul back my loot. (There may be posts on the loot I brung back.)  Plus, what is it with magazines nowadays? More adverts than content! Since I couldn't haul them all back, I just brought back the parts I liked.....


  1. yay! You are back!! Sorry to hear about your agony..."could I please put you on hold" has got to be the worst question ever asked!!
    Hope you get through it all and can dedicate your time to blogging soon!!

  2. Welcome back GB and it's a great feeling that you are going to be around. Looking for stories and more stories and more stories :-) common get at them.....

  3. Sooooo good to have you back....with a bang!

  4. To hear from you. I hope your healthy is back to its perky self! :)

    from ©

  5. Glad to have you back, Gagan !!!

  6. Good to see you back in action! The antibios seem to be working just fine :) True...mags hv more adverts than content..I cancelled many subscriptions last year & now just rent them out and if I like them then I buy better

  7. Tulsi ? I know that!:):) Brought back some masala powder to mix with my tea. And about magazine, I just love how every one is 100 rup. Bought the last copy of Elle Decor India in front of Park Hotel New Delhi. :)

    Read all your posts dear :) Those are some great pics !

  8. Glad to hear that you feeling better!
    And your right about those saturated colors - gorgeous. Especially the curtains....

  9. Welcome back and glad to hear you are feeling better!

  10. glad to see you back on blog hale and hearty...take care and hear from you soon

  11. hey, so good to know you're feeling better! Missed you, but make sure you get fully well before you get back to blogging!

  12. awesome.. to see you back.. I missed you Gagan!! Blogworld is not the same.. without my friends around.. Get well soon.. get perfectly well...

    Oh.. cant wait to see what 'loots' you've carried..

  13. Welcome back Gagan...missed your posts and looking fwd to seeing your loot!!


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