Monday, March 7, 2011

My Kinda Gal: Geeta

Hello all you lovely people!! How is March treating you? warming up? still chilly? or endless rain and mud season? Whatever the weather in your neck of the woods, know that spring is almost here, within reach!!! I'm enjoying one of my favorite flowers of all time, the gorgeous Palash, which bursts forth in bright, flaming blooms late in February, here in Delhi. Holi (and warmer weather (MUCH warmer weather, LOL!)) is right around the corner as well--spring is definitely here--the prettiest time of the year to enjoy Delhi! While I'm soaking in the sun (AH! the luxury of it all, sitting out in the warm morning sun!!) my dear friend Geeta is filling in for me--Dilbert and urulis and scrumptious desserts await!! We've gone knock-knock-knocking on Geeta's door earlier and I have to say I'm really glad to have discovered her in the blogosphere---I love her balanced outlook on life and would happily move in next door (IRL) if I could !! My kinda gal????-You bet!

Hi, I am Geeta from Occasionally Chic. I must admit I am amazed at Gagan’s ability to genuinely connect with so many of us and the incredible research she does behind each one of her posts. These are the reasons that drag me to P&P over and over again. Needless to say I was super excited when she approached me do a guest post. I compiled snap shots of a few aspects close to my heart and I hope you like it.

As this is a design blog, let me start off with my love for collecting artifacts. I have an eye for collectibles (nicer way of saying - I flick things from my family) when I see one. This uruli is from my grand mother’s kitchen and she used to cook with it. Did I mention she never had a jiggly arm all her life? Now it proudly sits on my living room table.

The job I do outside the house can be best described as a combination of juggling balls mid-air, putting off fires (not literally) and mentoring. I am not afraid to admit I love a corner office and Dilbert is my unofficial Management Guru. I personally think no one understands corporate culture like he does and adds that much needed dose of humor. On the lighter side, the Dilbert quote that aptly summarizes my work attitude is “Don’t be irreplaceable – if you can’t be replaced, you can’t be promoted”.

I like to think of myself as an ardent traveler and my ideal vacation is a week spent in a State/National park cabin, waking up to the birds amidst the hustle of trees supplemented with unlimited hikes, bike rides, quick and easy meals, puzzles and board games.

A couple of pregnancies later, in an attempt to re-kindle my almost non-existent sense of style, I started posting pictures of my outfits on my blog. I absolutely enjoy this indulgence. However between that Louis Vuitton bag and a house keeper, I would choose house keeper any day.

No matter how much I bake, I can never get over the excitement of a plain looking batter coming out of the oven, warm and inviting. As far as cooking is concerned, I stay away from complex ones unless it’s a traditional recipe.

All pictures courtesy Geeta.

Gagan - Hope you are having a fabulous time in India. Enjoy your much deserved vacation and don’t forget a few pictures for us. 

Jiggly arms!!--I definitely need a cure for those! Do tell, Geeta!!! :) 
Thanks for the lovely post !!!



  1. Nice to get to know you Geeta. Love the baking shot, but what is it? It looks really yummy.

  2. Good to know that you are a collector of artifacts. That Urli is beautiful.

  3. Oh Geeta... How are you doing... Nice to see you here!! Love all the fabulous pics... specially the last baking one.. for someone like me.. who cant bake to save my life... (or even cook to save my life)... this is simply awesome!!

  4. Excellent pictures even I have some of these utensils my granparents used and probably there parents before them ...

    I loved the pic of the national park ...

    and fooood yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  5. what a lovely post...thanks for introducing me to Geeta...i have been living in a hole and haven't met her till i go to say hello to her

  6. Lovely post! Good to know so much more about you...

    from ©

  7. Beautiful pictures. Really liked first two.

    And Hello to Gagan (GB)

  8. Gagan - I would love to have you as my neighbor and thanks for having me over at P&P.

    All - I loved reading your comments.

  9. Good to know more about you Geeta..

  10. Lovely to know more about you Geeta. And agree with Gagan- how do you pull so much off? Fantastic!


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