Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The weekend that was(n't)

Hello my lovelies-- how are you today? Just wanted to pop in and say hi, and let you know that I'm still around (albeit a little disorganized and harried!!!)...I'm probably not going to be very regular with the updates for the next few days (please pardon my absence!) as there are quite a few things vying for my attention at present. I wanted to share with you some pictures and tales of weekends and afternoons past (not this weekend, I'm afraid!) where I caught up with some reading and crafting over pots of tea and crunchy goodies!! Oh, to loll around in the afternoon sun with nary a worry...time to read and reflect and just BE. No colds to deal with, no deadlines to meet, a clean house, a pot of tea, some ideas bouncing around in that ol' cranium....

Fabric flowers and beads in the afternoon sun. The book, Domesticities: At Home with The New York Times Magazine, was a gift from a dear friend. Thank you, sweet Kamini, from the bottom of my heart!! The book has been a fascinating read, and I have spent several afternoons flipping through the pages. :)

Playing around...I made the flowers with strips of my old cotton kurta...the rosettes have frayed edges, and a rough, rustic charm (I think!). Little blue seed beads make up the center.....

I like how pretty the rosettes look with some blue Chinese ceramic beads and/or malachite...what do you think?

I'm sure that you'll agree that one good turn deserves another....the thank you for Kamini's lovely surprise? Some of you might recall this post, featuring these pretty baubles...

Yes, that was my thank you gift for being such a fun, considerate friend....I couldn't spill the beans then, because it was en-route its destination (and it was a surprise!). I like to craft little trinkets for my friends...nothing says you care more than a handmade gift, don't you think?

Another afternoon, catching up on my library books. Fortified with tea and crunchy chekkalu/Nipattu (these were store bought, but I've tried, with great success, this recipe.) That's a world market jute rug (made in India) that I had "gifted" myself when we were moving into this new home). Also visible is the bottom half of our green love-seat in the family room. I like to sprawl out on the rug with the soft couch as a back rest! Its  allllll about comfort!  :D

And while I am on the subject, have you voted for Kamini's sensational saffron room yet? If not, head out there now. (All you need to do is register--like one minute of your time---it'll totally make her day (and mine!)  :)....a little peek into her room...

Go on, you know you want to......

In case I don't see you sooner, here's wishing you a warm relaxing weekend.......I'm also linking up with Patty's weekend round-up, for the weekend that was(n't). 



  1. Sheer poetry there.."No colds to deal with, no deadlines to meet, a clean house, a pot of tea, some ideas bouncing around in that ol' cranium...." :)
    Hope the week is treating you well!

  2. I loved your writing style, as Priya has rightly pointed out above. And awww so nice to see the exchange of such gorgeous gifts :)

  3. Wow lots of fun projects and I love your creativity with that necklace made of your old kurta. Genius! And that book sounds really interesting. I am going to check it out. I am so jealous you are always catching up with tea and reading :) I want more of that.

  4. The week is almost done..hope you are having a good one.

  5. Aw thanks a lot GB! Love that kurta rosette idea...sheer genius! I too am a "sitting on the rug with the soft couch as the back" sprawler! Wore your gift a couple of weeks ago, got hazaar compliments! Thanks.

  6. The rosettes are gorgeous!! good to know you are enjoying your weekends...

  7. that sounded like bliss..hope i have one of those days soon

  8. Those are some pretty rosettes! Another weekend is just around the corner! :)

  9. I like that hot pot. Need one today! Have the best of the rest of the week.

  10. Rosettes are the only flowers I have made in real life and with paper, never cloth. Yours are real pretty , Gagan . Will you wear them in your ears?

    You took some really gorgeous pictures and yes, I will go see Kamini's saffron room :)

  11. you seem to be in a relaxing mode..albeit being caught up...beautiful clicks..and ya I looooovvvee that jute rug...Used of buy them from Dill Haat or the CP emporiums...gosh I miss Delhi sooo much :(
    And ya I also used to throng to Arabian Nights at Priya Complex...but not so much coz it was too costly to suit the pocket of a student :)

  12. sounds like a fun weekend.. love u r rosette idea.. the rug is gorgeous !

  13. Ahh, I agree, a clean house and a clear head, with tea and reading to cozy up with - that would be great. Maybe next weekend I'll manage that!

  14. aaawww.. sorry I missed this link.. Kamini's gift is awesome.. and so super sweet... Her room.. on the other hand.. totally rocks.. I love love that painting..

    And you.. are the sweetest.. aawww!!


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