Thursday, October 28, 2010

Scenes from a writer's home*:Parul's Mumbai Sanctuary

Do I have a treat in store for you today! We're going to be traveling to Parul Sharma's Mumbai home an inspiration-laden home tour! Some of you may remember Parul's home tour on Priya's blog. Well Parul has been busy, very busy since! She's added a new cutie to her family, she's published a new book, she's had a few run-ins with a yoga instructor who apparently needs to run his own boot camp, and she's been decorating(!!!) I don't know how she does it (all), but OMG, the results are astounding! Now, I have to admit that I'm a recent entrant into her loooong list of devoted followers (yes, I know, I was hiding under a rock all this time!), but Parul's blog has quickly become one of my must-reads! It isn't everyone who can make you guffaw-out-loud (GOL--new terminology!) and leave you with a lump in your throat. Oh, she's good! Settle into your comfy seat, grab-a-bag-of-popcorn-and-supersized-fizzy-drink good! And this is the entrance to her lovely home.....

LOVE that carved mirror. The brass hooks are from a recent trip to Kerala. Tealight-lantern--she confesses to be addicted to tealights!

I love that wooden vase! Her walls spill golden warmth and sunshine--love that color!

She recently added some impressionist prints and shelves to her dining area.

The dining room with fresh flowers. She loves greenery and has managed to create her own oasis in the middle of the fast-paced jam-packed city!


An assortment of frames, a vintage map (print), a newspaper article, a vintage (reproduction) clock. Who says good design needs big moolah?

 Love how the print just pops against the Amul-butter yellow wall!

What a neat way to store those magazines--I love baskets!

I'll let her do the talking here..."I wanted these words for the longest time. I left out the '& Carry On' bit. As long as I am calm, I will carry on no?"  :D

Her new writing desk, where many more stories will be told!!

Her son's room; love those window treatments. The little guy is crazy for race cars, can you tell?

I just have to include this picture--her green oasis and "ghanta singh", her huge brass bell, that travelled all the way from Jaisalmer with her!

Ghanta is a much-beloved part of her household!! :) You can catch more pictures of her home here and here.

Don't you just love her fun quirky personality? You can always visit her blog, and if you want something that makes you smile till your cheeks ache, you must grab a copy of her new book "By the Water Cooler".

And if you hurry, you can enter a contest to win one of five SIGNED copies of her new book!! Contest ends October 31st, so make sure you enter now! (You don't need to have a blog, and it's open round the globe!). Get the deets here!

Credits: All Pictures courtesy Parul Sharma.
*This post title is inspired by Ruskin Bond's memoirs.


  1. Such a beautiful warm home! :)

  2. YELLOW - radiating such warmth, love that Jharoka type mirror frame, ghanta singh and all the walls.

  3. Parul is a very very dear friend and her home is as gorgeous as her. Parul I HAVE TO-HAVE TO make that trip to Mumbai NOW!

  4. she is a very talented lady with def tons of energy and patience :)..dabbling so many things at a time and also having/managing a beautiful home!! wow.
    PS: her home tour on priya's blog is what inspired me to finish my long pending post on Thangkas :)

  5. I must admit I came across Parul's blog only after Priya's post and I was cursing myself for having missed it for so long. So many of the posts made me GOL(yes-its catching on already :))

  6. I loved the P.F.chang warrior at the entrance...never imagined or seen it aywhere...what a home...beautiful beautiful beautiful!

  7. what a beautiful home!Thanks for sharing her haven and I read a few of her posts ....intersting and quirky

  8. Beautiful home...just radiates warmth and personality! Lovely colors and accessories!

  9. Such a lovely home, I am truly inspired.

  10. i have been a huge fan of parul for a long time and have been drooling over her home pics.. this just adds on to the droool :-)

  11. LOve the first three pictures esp the frames/shelves. will check out here site

  12. Love the colors. The first and the third pic are simply fabulous.

  13. Oh my god, to hear (ok, read) these warm words about my house is flattering beyond belief! Thanks a bunch, everyone.

    And thank you GB for featuring my house in this beautiful space. I had so much fun doing this house tour. Now off to dive into your archives some more.

  14. I love how she's done it up. I live in Mumbai, and I love how she has used space so efficiently in her home. Makes me want to start all over again for my home :D

  15. Loved every one of it...esp the magazine basket like u said

  16. It looks lovely, Parul. I love Ghanta Singh especially. :)

  17. Aaaah. This post is just such a picker upper on a gloomy morning here. Love Parul's home, the book shelves, the peek at green from the window and the bells. Two thumbs up.

  18. Gorgeous home..! Loved all the pics..but the 1st one and the one with mag-baskets are the best :)

  19. GOL (love your new terminology!). Gorgeous dear.


  20. Hi Parul

    This is a beautiful home. Can imagine the amount of thought that would have gone into it.

    To beautiful spaces,


  21. I have been a house guest!! This is my strike off bucket list "Stay in a property featured in Beautiful Homes and Great Estates" moment.

  22. :) Hey folks, thanks for dropping in and for your sweet (as always) comments! I'm so envious of those of you who know Parul personally or have had the pleasure of having been a house guest (eek...I can't take it!!). I don't know how you did it without eloping with ghanta singh. I would have.

    (Parul, consider yourself warned---if I'm ever in the vicinity.......)

    This post was such a blast for me to work on, thanks for inviting us in, Parul!

  23. GB, I'd absolutely love to have you ever whenever you are in Mumbai. And if Ghanta Singh procreates with a ghanti, the ghanta-lets are up for grabs, I promise.

    I had a blast too.

  24. Parul, the decor is absolutely lovely. Your home looks warm and spacious. Thanks for giving us a peek.

  25. @Parul: GOL!

    I rest my case. :)

  26. lovely house.thanks gagan for putting it up


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