Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Make Life Pretty": Lara Rossignol's inspired abode in Atlanta.

That picture and inscription pretty much sum up Lara Rossignol's perspective on life; author of the gorgeously inspiring blog "Piewacket", Lara's love for beauty is very evident from her lovely warm home and her work as a professional photographer. Lara's interests include:  collecting, decorating, fashion, travel, billiards, reading, cooking, gardening, animals, writing and movies. You'll find this and so much more on her lovely blog. She's also an avid "bento" fan!! Lara's colorful, warm home reflects her taste for vintage design, she confesses to being a "hunter". In her words...

"I love whimsy. I love color. I love vintage design. And at heart, I am a hunter. I love finding some discarded treasure, whether it be at a flea market, estate sale or eBay. I live for a good bargain and have a keen sense of knowing the value of things. I'm not above mixing old with new, like my retro-inspired couch by Crate & Barrel. It fits perfectly with all my actual vintage furniture. To me, great design is about having a good eye for those special pieces and then knowing how to put it all together."

Case in point. The lovely lady in the portrait is Lara's grandmother. I love everything in this picture, every little bit adds up but is so much greater in its entirety.

Vignette on the other end of the mantle.

A view of the living room. Another sweet vignette.

The gorgeous living room that won Domino's Readers' Choice Award in 2008. I love how she has used color and how it falls seamlessly into place! (click on the photographs to embiggen!)

Her enviable ceramic teapot collection. Remember, she is a pro at the art of antiquing!!! What an eye for the gorgeous and what an eye for putting it together!

Her beautiful sunny bedroom.

That's drama! Her pretty bedroom window, decked out in the colors of the rainbow! Imagine the sunlight streaming in through those multi-hued vases; what a way to wake up every morning!

On her dresser. I could spend hours just browsing the many layers of interest, here!

Another tabletop in the bedroom. Ooh-so-pretty! I love how nonchalantly the sepia-toned photographs cohabit with her jewelry! drooool!

A view of her sweet porch! I can just imagine how lovely it must be to sit there in the summer, with a good book and an iced lemonade.........The little table and plantstand got some DIY love.

I'm so inspired by her lovely vignettes--I love the way she clubs together her collections to create those charming stories! Go check out her fabulous flickr photostream --its chock-full of eye-candy! Lara also has an exquisite etsy store in case you'd love to get a piece of that pie (sorry for the pun--couldn't resist it!).

Lara, thank you for the incredibly inspiring home-tour!

All pictures courtesy of and copyrighted to: Lara Rossignol. Please contact her in case you wish to use her pictures. You can reach Lara at: blog; flickr; store; website.


  1. How beautiful! I love all the little plants and flowers and branches tucked into corners and vases. :)

  2. Sigh! just pretty waay too pretty is all i can say..love the mantle pieces.

  3. Hi Gagan,
    Great home tour! I loved the woman in the painting and the colors to be found everywhere in the house.

  4. Great home tour! Very pretty and amazing talent.

  5. Stunning. I love the portrait, the green collectibles, and the flowers. So gorgeous. Lara seems to be a very warm person. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wonderful home tour Gagan !...I loved her gorgeous living room and the second pic...with green collectibles and the fabulous portrait..!!
    Great find ! ...thanks for sharing :)

  7. Great find, I am drooling over the ceramic collection and the paintings.

  8. Love the portrait of Lara's grandmother and the various shades of green in the picture... Her tea-pot collection s just amazing.. 'drool....' ;-) ..& shes got an unique style too... !!! Wonderful Home Tour, Gagan.. ;-) ;-)

  9. lovely...where in atl?...i have to meet her now that u say she lives in ATL...now now!!

  10. Another lovely home. I love how she arranges her ceramics :)

  11. it's all so pretty but whats catching eye are those shots with the vase/flowers. Love it!

  12. Lara has great style. And she's a great photographer!

  13. *sigh* how beautiful.. I had to go back up.. and look at all those images again.. fab inspirations there!! Lots to learn from.. :-)

  14. Gorgeous - I cannot wait to check out the blog. Speaking of blogs, I think I fall deeper in love with yours each time I visit.
    Wonderful post dear!

  15. lov it sis good job

  16. so beautiful, and colorful... but not sickeningly colorful... perfect


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