Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Indian-design junkies, rejoice: Pool Magazine is here!!

So I just came across "Pool Magazine", based out of Pune, India!! I'm still flipping through the pages, but for all those design junkies out there, this is an excellent read! Love the layout and it screams professionalism. From what I could discern in the past ten minutes of frantic page turning, they cover several aspects of design and on over, and if you're looking for me, I'm probably online, poring over the deets!! The fabulous Prutha is featured in the third issue, go check it out, and go check out her blog! Thanks for the heads-up Prutha!!

Even their adverts are cool! :) I'm so hooked.

PS: My post for today may be delayed, due to irresponsible dilly-dallying....come back later tonight for my post on excuse me folks as I  prop my feet up on a stool and contort my neck around to absorb.

PPS: So, I'm not sure how the desi design blogs missed this magazine (or was it just me?) oh well, I'm spreadin' the word....

Pool Blog.

all images from the magazine/blog. regular copyrights apply, to original authors.


  1. heh...and U HEARD OF POOL FROM ME!!! credits i tell u..noone gives..hehehe...j/k

    im still an architect hunny... day job as u put it... waiting for my moment when someone will left me design their museum without boundaries..hehe

    this mag pool is freaking awesome for sure.

  2. @ prutha: I can't help it if you butt in while i'm still working on the draft!! Credits given where due!!


    I'm sure you'll get your break of luck! :)

  3. Great find! Thanks for sharing this! Am now off to visit Prutha's blog :-)

  4. thanks for sharing..i had no idea! i agree...good desi design needs to be spread!

  5. OH.. this is lovely... The talent out there amazes me... I love love the designs.. Well done.. Gagan!! another fab post! :-) Hope you are feeling better now!!

  6. O my, THANK YOU!!!!! Prutha too :) Online to boot ! What luck!!! I love it!

  7. I remember they did a promo on facebook when they first started out - thanks for sharing!:)

  8. I did not know about this magazine. Thanks for sharing.

  9. whats ur email? send me an email at

    thanks for mention hunny... i was only kidding but am quite excited about it now...

    fyi, i sent a link to your post on pool to the magazine and they where super excited to see their magazine featured in your post :)

    i love this chaIN REACTION!! soo sweet!!

    happy thursday
    much love

  10. ohhh sorry for spamming but POOL mag put a link to your post on their facebook page!!!/pages/Pool-Magazine/255335384468

    isnt that cool... hope this helps bring u more readers!!


  11. I liked your blog very much. I appreciate for your wonderful post.
    You are welcome in my blogs.

  12. Thanks girls! I'm so excited to have adesi lonny in the making... oh glee!
    @Prutha: anyone ever tell you what a sweetheart you are?
    @Renate and Babli: Thank you for following! It means so much... :)


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