Thursday, September 2, 2010

Entryways: the sequel

As the festive season draws closer, many of us are busy decking our doors. Here in the west, fall-inspired wreaths are beginning to show up on doors all around me....what a beautiful way to usher in autumn! Elsewhere around the world, my blogger friends have been busy adding that special touch to their doorways and entries as well. Today, we'll be visiting two blogger homes for inspiration... :) When I ventured into the world of blogging, little did I know that I would be making friends along the way. I envisioned it as a solitary activity, where I penned down my thoughts for an anonymous faceless sea of 0s &1s, a plasma. Now, three months into blogging, I realize all that it has come to mean to me....I don't write for the great intangible; I write for my friends. When I read blog entries out there, I have this conversation going on in my head. As a result, most posts are (in my mind) dedicated to one or the other of these fantastic, talented, supportive, thoughtful, thought-provoking, unique personalities out there. Real people. I may not have a face, I may not be able to touch, but I know you're there, sitting in front of the screen, reading, and that tea you're drinking-- it probably tastes as good in your time zone as it does in mine. I read of your successes and I smile. I read of your pain and I shed a quiet tear. Your instantaneous, impromptu  email brings a wide smile to my face. You've worked your way into my heart.

This post is dedicated to my many new's to the camaraderie girls! back to my lovely contributors for this post, today--both these ladies have by now earned a very special place in my heart.... so in no particular order, lets step in to their worlds shall we?

Lets start at the gate:

That's right, Patty's you a clue to the colorful vibrant, bubbly personality that lives within. She shares her home in Dubai with her husband and two vivacious daughters.

The gate opens into a cute lawn with an adorable birdbath. Don't forget to put something out there for our little feathered friends...winters can be so harsh for them.

Close-up of the bird-bath. This was a very clever DIY effort on Patty's part...she had this tree stump and found the bird-bath basin in an outdoor store. She got it home and it fit perfectly! I'm sure the neighborhood birdies must be extra chipper now!!

Won't you climb those steps? I love how inviting it all is...... :)

Some close-ups of the gorgeousness..........

Her Sri-Lankan terracotta chimes. (note to hubby: let's get our fishy chimes up, shall we?--sorry for the personal note you guys, but my hubby is my go-to man for all things related to a drill and hammer+he's the tall one!!)

Sri-Lankan brass bell. DROOL!

If you've been following us desi design bloggers for  a while, you probably know that Patty is nevvver done decorating....she is a constant source of inspiration and fresh ideas. When you're done reading this post, click on over to her blog and make sure you follow, so you never miss a post.............

What can I tell you about Pree....all I can say is, I wait for her posts every day, to see what she's been up to. At times it's food, at times it's decor, sometimes it's art; her posts always promise to entertain, she has stories aplenty to share. Pree lives in Toronto with her husband. Her personality has all I'm drawn to in real life, a strong, independent woman, with a fantastic sense of humor. Her blog is about food, but also about so much more. Her taste (as you will see from the photographs that follow), is impeccable.....

That picture wall! Several of the paintings up there are by her. Don't miss that stool over by the door. Pree, did you cart that all the way from India?

What a difference a plant makes!

From a different angle. Pree's rendering of Frida.

Leaves you wanting for more, doesn't it? You're in luck-- you can find her home tour here and here. When you're done with the home tours, go over to Pree's blog and revel in the (many more!!) corners of her beautiful home, and in the the stories she weaves........

Update: If you have any photographs of your entryways that you'd like to share, send them along and we'll all drool over them together!! You can find my e-mail under the "contact me" heading in the column on the right. What are you waiting for? Get snapping and get in touch!!


  1. This is the 1st time I've come across Pree's blog and photos of her home. I loved the paintings and the greenery.. lovely! :)

  2. What a nice way to welcome with bells, chimes and art. I loved your intro on blogging

  3. Beautiful decor~Patty,Pree :)....and a lovely post Gagan !

  4. Ooh what lovely images! Thanks for sharing these Gagan!

  5. What a beautiful what you've written bout making friends through blogging. And I loved Patty's & Pree's entryway...soom good inspiration to revamp my entryway!

  6. Lovely posts, both the ladies are so inspiring...gr8 job Gagan.

  7. that name tile is just so mom and dad has one and i got it made for them an just couldnt stop at one combo...sooo many options and it was too hard to resist putting all of them together in one :)

  8. @ Divya: there you go! I'm so happy to have introduced you to one of my fav bloggers! :)
    @ Deepali: Thanks, hon!
    @Geeta: Its all true..I had this post written up and just wasn't feeling it, so I waited till the words came pouring out...I like the post now too!
    @Sanghamitra: Pretty aren't they?
    @Sharon: you're very welcome!
    @Prachi:All true!
    @Rekha: Thanks!:)
    @Nisha: Did you get one for yourself as well? If you did, I'd love to see... :)

  9. Gagan!! Gagan!! thank you so so much for featuring my little home.. Your blog makes it look ever so pretty and welcoming... thanks a ton!!


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