Tuesday, August 3, 2010


wish I were.....

......curled up in a corner. with a cup of tea. and a good book. Speaking of books, just finished Chitra Banerjee's "One Amazing Thing"......another excellent read (one of my favorite authors, she can do no wrong in my eyes...though I love it when she writes in the short story format ("arranged marriage"-- the first book of hers that I read, and I was hooked!!)---(how hooked??? I carried vine of desire with me to the hospital to wait for the bub's arrival!!) Anyway, if you haven't yet, get your hands on it, and tell me how you like it....


  1. I am curled up at home but with a tummy flu. hahaha. I think I will go pick a good book likeyou suggest :).

  2. Oh poor you! you can read the pain away I hope.......

  3. I love the wall art/paper thingie and the floor cushion!So glad to know that you love to read.I absolutely love to read and would love a place like this but I would prefer a chair to rest my aching bones(melodrama) and fall asleep in.

  4. @sumi: :) Some days I need a chair, some days I just like to set up a makeshift corner to curl up in...I'm a voracious reader....its usually back-to-back books for me!!

  5. Is that wall paper?? sticker... I love it.. Its super nice.. I want to be there as well..


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