Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lonny: My picks from the fall issue!!!

This is turning into another picture -heavy post..please let me know if this is too much!

Still lovin' colorful collections.

Coral accents + a neat idea to tie back those curtains. I find tasseled curtain ties so fussy and stuffy--this avtar, I could live with (I'm still not sold on the huge florals tho').

Mirrored drumstools? how glam!--not necessarily for my own space but what a nice way to add oomph to your pad!

Houndstooth!! don't know what it is about this stool, but the image is captivating! Very do-able (got any old skirts/jackets lying around? re-covering a stool top is a snap!...hmmm, loving this idea (you may see it implemented on my blog....)

Such a bold room. May be OTT but am in love with the cushion front and center!

And, an element that always catches my eye...


why? because I love them so..........
My living room. On a happy sunday not too long ago!

All images except the last one: Lonny Mag.
Last image: mine.

Have you read the latest issue of Lonny yet? What did you like (I know. the cover is stunning, isn't it?). Will you be experimenting with any of the ideas? which ones...let me know!!


  1. i haven't read the latest issue yet, but i can't wait! such a fab magazine.

    xo Alison

  2. @Nisha...I love sunflowers!

    @Alison:I love that it's loaded with quality inspiration, and its free!!!

  3. Gagan, sunflowers are my fav too! Maybe it's because I am a Leo ..haha! Never too many pictures when the pictures are good :)

  4. Oh.. so lovely.. *sigh* All the images are fab.. including the last one... of your sunflowers... brightening up my day :-)

  5. Love your picks!! Thanks for stopping by today! :)

  6. I have an afternoon date with Lonny today. Thanks for the preview (I am already drooling).

  7. You can never have too many photos :-)

    I love drum stools...I have 2 in blue...not sure about the mirror for me either.

  8. Oh I should also mention. I got my drum stools at Big lots... they were in the garden section and on clearance...I paid about $10 each :-)

  9. If I had to pick a fav, its the gorgeous sunflowers in your living room.

  10. I really adore that first pic (bookshelves and bowls)...and your sunflowers are so lovely.

  11. Online magazines are great.
    Full of inspirations.
    I can not wait for Sunflowers to come into the season here in A.

  12. Thanks everyone for the nice comments Re. the sunflowers...I love the turning of the season because of them (and because fall is so pretty!!)Thank you so much for dropping in and leaving your sweet comments...they really make my day!!

    I'm actually waiting to see how "Rue" turns debuts in september, so don't forget to bookmark it!!

    @tallulah: really? I have to check our local big lots...I love out-of-season bargains!!

  13. Love your pics ...thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog ...appreciate it and it encourages me ....I am a follower now and love the awesome pics you post ...looking forward to more posts

  14. @Anu: thanks! :)
    @Snehal: Glad you liked my blog and welcome on board!! :)

  15. These are great pics. It's funny, I have clicked through the latest Lonny (illicity, at work!) but only remember a few of these. The mirrored stools are really great.

  16. @struggler: :D hope your boss doesn't know!! :) those stools are stunners aren't they?


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