Thursday, July 15, 2010

What I have to put up with....

I thought I would share something funny that happened this morning...I was just checking the world market online store for pretty things and came across these.........

and these...
How cute right?...anyway, I shared them with hubs...this is how the conversation went...

Me: "look sweetie, (I use another nickname I don't want to make public, so let's just pretend its the generic sweetie, shall we?) what do you think of these pillows? I have a coupon for 15% off*...should we get one, aren't they cute?"

His assessment: "Moooooooooooooo...".

.....and that's why the inner decorista in me started this blog! What do you think? cute or mooo?

* If you register for the world market rewards program, they keep sending 15% off coupons.


  1. I am with u on this...thats how husbands are:)

    Thanks for sharing this..I checked out the world market website yesterday and I am planning on going to the store..How did you miss the suzani table runners/pillows:)???

  2. :D Archana, I didn't miss those at all! But this time around, I'm working on a DIY table runner that is taking its own sweet time to come to fruition....World market is so chock full of goodies that I could go bankrupt if I bought everything that catches my eye....also, there would be no space in my home-turned-worldmarket-showroom! :D

    (For the longest time I thought you were Arch from rang I guess a formal welcome to my space is in order. Glad you're on board!)

  3. Hmmmmm GB..I migh have to side with the hubby on this one!!! The camel one I can live with, the one with the bovines..not so! But get to choose what YOU like, so just for that I'll defect to your side :-)

  4. LOL! the camel is kinda cute, but the cow...mooo! btw, i'm having problems commenting with my wordpress id :-(

  5. Okay that's three moos to one cute! To be honest I can't see me bringing this one home either (tho' it would be great conversation just doesn't fit in my current "grown-up"'s got a very fun quirky-I'm -in-college-and-I -can-do-what- I- want vibe to it.) Sure made me smile!!!!

    Amrita, i'm sorry about the commenting thing--it makes me hit the submit button twice too! Blogger needs to get its act together....maybe I'll drop them an email and see if they can fix it. I really appreciate your comments though, so please don't stop.. :)

  6. Hi GB :). Thank you for your email :). For me , it's the one with the girls. I will buy that in a heartbeat! No camels or moo for me I am afraid :).

  7. @Sans! Hi and welcome to my space!...Oh the poor moo-cow is being voted out.. :D

  8. Lordy, the odds are really stacking up against the humble cow!! :) Those for the cow say "aye"!!


  9. I dont know about anything else... except.. I simply loved the second image... can you send me all those... :-)

  10. @Patty: great! We have one more "aye"... :)

  11. I Love it. Regarding husbands, they can live in a cardboard box without any issues. It is we who give them a better place to live in ;)

  12. @Shweta, :D...tell me about it!!!

  13. Haha.. I know.. mine just doesn't get my love and passion for cushion covers and bed covers etc!
    On this one though I have to say for me personally - it's a big mooooooooooo! :)


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