Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello! I'm back....

Let's start the week with this very special video I came across last week; I think the man behind the lens has managed to capture the essence of this wedding beautifully......

Yesha & Vikram. The Royal Wedding - Ajmer, Rajasthan from DIGITOLOGY on Vimeo.

If you like what you see, you can always check out the Digitology blog for more wedding/engagement magic!

Update: For some reason your comments are not visible on the blog; however, as I have an automated feed directed to my gmail account, I can read them all, and I really DO appreciate each comment. I have contacted blogger and hope they'll be able to sort this problem soon... Funny thing is my replies to your comments have just vanished as well. Please do keep commenting though, your kind words really do make my day... :)


  1. Very Interesting. Good find Gagan.

  2. Ajmer!! wedding!! *sigh* I'm off to see the video... Thanks for jump starting my day.. Now I'll only be dreaming of Ajmer!

  3. @Shweta, @patty,
    For some reason, your comments aren't visible here on the blog. Since I have an automated feed set up for my gmail account, I can see the comments, and I really do appreciate them. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I may need to contact blogger for this glitch. Bear with me, we'll have this sorted out soon. Thanks :)

  4. Beautiful video, makes me want to get married again LOL!

  5. @Dhiti, Thanks and welcome to my space! You know you can always "renew your vows" ;) Don't forget to invite us tho'. :)

  6. Gagan.....same problem. Email notifications are coming thru, but cannot see the comments on my blog too. I think its a universal bogger glitch...but anyways, beautiful video!

  7. Hey Kamini, I think the comments form has started working again! woohoo! Thanks, i loved the video too- just had to share it with everyone! :)

  8. @Lakshmi, thanks! :) Welcome to my world....


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