Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Monday!!

How did the festivities go over on the 4th? Did you have fun? Today is going to be all about getting some order back into our lives as we move on to tackle another week (4-day weeks are the best, don't you think?) while I get ready to take on the week head-on, why don't you enjoy this stunning bedroom....


  1. Beautiful! Have a great week!

  2. Me want me want that bed. What a gorgeous headboard....! Lovely!

  3. @designwali: Thanks. :)

    @Kamini: for some reason, I can't see your comment up here: however, I know you did pen me one... Hopefully this will sort out on its own. Anyhoo, thanks. I want the headboard too--kinda reminds me of sandalwood...which would be heavenly!

  4. it IS stunning!!! :) Although if this was my room, I would always be worried about all the dust collecting in the intricate carvings, right over my head!! :)

  5. You know Neha, I never thought of that- this would be the biggest dust trap ever! shudder!!!

  6. @D&OC: thanks! :) wish I could say it were mine! :)


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