Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An artist's abode...Ronnie's South African Sanctuary

You've already met the's where she creates her magic!!! Her home is like an extension of her art...vibrant, alive and full of character. No more gabbing by me...let's get right to it!!

Living room.

Lounge, recently redecorated. "Family portrait" with the entire family, including the dogs, flowers and the sun.

Living room nook.


Vibrant Kitchen.

Mosaic in the kitchen! all done by hand..piece by painstaking piece! I told you...its an artist's home.This mosaic-work runs out onto the veranda. (I couldn't load pictures owing to a technical can see pictures on Ronnie's blog.)

Veranda. Recycled metal lizards on the grille.

Hand painted floors in the studio....

Ronnie has put her amazing talent and boundless energy to work in creating home after beautiful home. I can't wait to see see what she will do once she relocates to the UK! (Hint!!?!!, Ronnie?). Meanwhile, I could go on posting pictures...or I could let you peruse them at your own pace, here (do check it out for pictures of her previous homes and loads of additional inspiration!)....

All images copyrighted to Ronnie Biccard.


  1. OMG that is one seriously beautiful colorful vibrant home! I love that artwork in the living room nook. Gorgeous Ronnie! Great one GB! Off to check out her home now....

  2. breadthtakingly beautiful home.

  3. Great post, Gagan! A very colorful home!

  4. @Kamini, Sayantani, OUATT! Thanks... :) there are tons more pics at her Flickr page...don't forget to check them out!


  5. Oh my gosh... such a gorgeous home.. You can tell there is an artist living in there.. Loved.. loved the vibrant kitchen and the mosaic.. *sigh* awesome!! awesome! post!!

    I'm off to check her blog

  6. Great post Gagan..what a warm and vibrant home.

  7. @Patty, Anu...she says she did it on a shoestring budget...goes to show you can't buy taste with money! Loads of pictures up on her flickr page!

  8. Wow, those are beautiful photographs, the house must be even more sensational in real life.

  9. A great post Gagan...what a gorgeous home,so creative, so vibrant!!!
    Loved every bit of it !!:)

  10. I am hosting a CSN Giveaway so do stop by, and if you can please spread the word. Thanks a ton Anu

  11. k i am henceforth a big fan of your blog...oh my and that house just looks brilliant..i wish i would have the courage 2 throw in colours like that and come up with something mind blowing.

  12. How gorgeous! My fav pics are those of the mosaic work in the verandah and the kitchen!

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  14. Gorgeous around the world home tours. I am adding yours to my blog roll.


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