Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thrifty Saturday: Terracotta goodness.

Hellllloo friends, how was your Saturday? Mine was the usual mix of errands and fun. Did I mention fun?--Oh yes, and it involved thrifting!- I had some extra time to myself and went browsing in the local goodwill today. Guess who came home with me?

This little beauty....(click for a larger picture)

Terracotta with ceramic glaze on the inside, in perfect condition. For less that $2. Score!!! I should have taken some pictures from the side- it is shallow and shaped like an "urli". Now the question is...what should I use it for--any suggestions, oh great denizens of the decor blogosphere?


  1. This is co cute! If it were heat resistant, I'd make roasted garlic in them. YUM!

  2. Shaheen, I'm not sure if its food-safe (one can never tell with these thrifted things) I was thinking of maybe using it as a planter, or a potpourri holder. I'm always open to more ideas...


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