Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My paisley obsession....

I guess this is my first post. I have been following some fabulous blogs (check out my blog roll for some truly inspiring blogs) of late and now I just HAVE to join in the conversation. So here's my 2 cents worth.....

I have had a long-abiding love affair with paisleys.... captured perfectly in this rug. I'm totally loving this line of crewel-work rugs from Anthroplologie- they remind me of a hand-embroidered rug that my mom had for ages-it must have started out as majestic as theses rugs, but over the years, with three kids trampling all over it, it had begun to show signs of wear. The much-loved rug spent the last years of its life in our playroom, and is part of some wonderful memories.

Also an anthroplogie find, this rug can be found here.

Can't afford the handworked opulence these rugs offer?  Join the gang! :) Here's something within reach...

Other things paisley that have caught my eye....

Buy these gorg earrings at etsy here.

"Sangeet" food safe wooden spoon via. The patterns are burned into the wood, ensuring that these spoons are food-safe.

Handpainted cards you can order via.

Are there any motifs/patterns that find a recurring  place in your life? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Gagan..these earings are fabulous..I am in love!!

  2. Thanks Anu,

    I love jewelry too! Those earrings are a little pricey, but they're handmade and one of a kind. Wish I could afford those. :)
    Oh well, this blog is for catloging pretty things......

    Thank you for dropping by, it feels great to join in the conversation.

  3. Gagan, Paiselys are so graceful. And those earrings in this post- just stopped me dead in my tracks- how beautiful are they!

  4. Vineeta, thank you so much for visiting. :)

    I absolutely LOVE paisleys, and they're going to be cropping up a lot on this blog. :)

  5. Gagan,welcome to the world of blogging...I love anything to do with paisleys from sarees to lampshades to bed spreads n kurthas...will look forward to ur posts ..Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks Archana!! There are going to be many more paisley posts- from my home and beyond. Love to have you on board! :)


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