Friday, June 11, 2010

My picks from Lonny's Jun/July issue

Once the ceramic elephant dust settled, my eyes could once again focus on all the delicious details presented in the magazine....My faves....

What woman doesn't love jewelry? And with baubles as pretty as this, I couldn't resist.

Elizabeth Bauer's the way she has used the patchwork wall hanging as a backdrop for the bamboo almost looks like wallpaper in the picture, but on closer inspection (yes, that's what I do...I peer at stuff till my eyes pop- I'm sure you do too (don't you?)) you can see the edges near the ceiling.

Love the lamp- that's a basket, hung upside down and spray painted white. Hanging from a nautical rope. I'm shelving away that idea for future reference. :)

This one is just for its sheer simplicity. Love the stool. Absolutely love the curtains- the little pom-pom trim detail just takes them to a different level. Another idea shelved for future reference...

Ceramic garden stools may just replace my elephant fixation....... love the powder blue throw (or "loi").
Did you get your copy of Lonny- if not, what are you waiting for? It would be a perfect weekend read. Have a great weekend.

All images courtesy Lonny Magazine.

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