Sunday, June 13, 2010

India- wear your colors!!

So this post is like a little mental note to myself for our upcoming (fall '10) India trip (can you tell I'm excited- the planning starts now!!). Every time we visit, we come back with bags laden with stuff. These T-shirts are one of our must-picks. They make great gifts and my husband has his own little collection going- I can personally vouch for the quality of construction- after what feels like a hundred wash/dry cycles these T-shirts are still going strong. I'm talking about Tantra T-shirts.

My faves from the men's line.....

Anyone else remember the doordarshan days? (this one's definitely for Indian "men of a certain age").

Dilli- meri jaan........


And, I absolutely died laughing from this one..........

IMO the entire design team is male (which can be corroborated here). I have to put in a disclaimer of sorts here --Though I have picked the more "refined" shirts, guess which ones my husband's very male sense of humor will light on????

They do carry some tees for women and though its been a loooong time since I wore graphic tees, if I had to, I would definitely pick this one.....

You can see the entire line here. They ship worldwide.


  1. My husband is a great fan of Tantra t-shirts. These are cool designs.

  2. I know-they make for the best weekend wear. Thanks for dropping in :)


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