Thursday, July 1, 2010

Floor cushions

I'm on the lookout for some fun, affordable floor cushions. They're sure to add a touch of intimacy to any gathering -give me a few of my favorite people, steaming cups of "adrak-chai" (ginger-tea) and let the conversation flow......

Here's what a traditional "baithak" would look like:

Excerpts and features from Monisha Bharadwaj's "India Style". Photography by Bharath Ramamrutham. Via.

Image: Design Sponge 

Wow! that's versatile- I'd love me an outdoor space like that! Oh well ...a girl can dream.... :)

What I have in mind is a lot less formal, just a few floor cushions that can be stacked up and moved around to wherever we set up our "adda". Here are a few options off of etsy and the net...

Hand-screened organic fabric cushions. Buy here.

Buy these here.... 

No, not the pup, just the floor cushions. :)

Or maybe these will go down on my ever-evolving (and never completed) list of DIY projects. Get project ideas here.

PS: Happy Canada day to our Canadian friends!


  1. Lovely! I love the last one!perfect for patio

  2. I love the window drapes in the first pic! :)
    I have two big cushions too, from jaipur!

  3. Nice blog gonna follow it :)

  4. LOve the roman shade again the interesting arch,never thought of it,I will be so...copying that in my next design:)

  5. oh fab.. one better than the other.. I love the colourful image!!

  6. Thanks everyone.... :)I'm really tanking up on inspiration for my India trip, I would love to get my hands on any of these!!!

  7. i love this look! so inviting + fun.

    xo Alison

  8. I love floor cushion and made a couple of them for our home. you have given some great ideas here. love your space and following :-)

  9. Sayantani, thank you and welcome...its a pleasure to have you on board!


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