Tuesday, June 22, 2010


....do you crave it or eschew it in your surroundings? Is your home a calm, serene, oasis or a riot of color? How far would you go (down both ends of this spectrum). What about glamour?- Where, on this spectrum, does you personal definition of glamorous fall? If you veer toward the dramatic, how do you create it? through glitter? colorful walls ? statement furniture? fabric?


And you? the calm, serene, oasis-types? What's your formula for understated elegance- color? fabric? is it all in the details for you?

............or do you reside somewhere in the middle, with pops of color against a palette of neutrals?


Don't you feel that there's a dramatic streak hidden in each of the rooms pictured above- whether it's subtle or more in-your-face? There's no "right" style. What's yours?

All images: Living etc.


  1. It's really hard to choose! Wonderful space you have here-keep up the great work :).

  2. Hi Aditi,

    Thank you and welcome to my world- really hope to see you around here more often. :)


  3. I do love drama.. one personal favourite is a neutral wall color juxtaposed with colorful fabric, just like the room with multicolored sofa and blue curtain.. such a room will bring out a strong response, you either love it or hate it!

  4. Hi Meera, welcome to my space! I love drama too, and was trying to create some in one corner- that's how this post came about. -G

  5. Love them all but my favorite - the one that resonates with me the most - is the 5th one under the "middle" style! Lovely Gagan!

  6. Thanks Kamini, my personal fav. was the first picture in the neutral series...I like a lot more "stuff" I guess. :D


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