Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shivani Dogra Interiors: Transforming spaces with her love of color.

In my obsessive trawling of the internet for pretty homes I've come across and written about countless gorgeous spaces. In all these rooms, while there are always some elements that appeal to me, there are some features I would tweak out if I actually had to live in them. Not so in the spaces designed by Shivani. Her style really resonates with me--perhaps it's because she's a Delhi girl like me, perhaps it's because she's traveled India extensively, perhaps it's because she has that deep-seated appreciation for Indian design. Whatever the reason, her spaces (and words) really speak to me--she manages to infuse traditional Indian design into contemporary settings without making it appear over-the-top or kitschy: real spaces for living in, not set designs for a photoshoot, to put it bluntly. Do you see yourself living in these rooms? Take a number, because I'm moving right in! (I wish!) :)

I can totally see myself curled up on that chaise lounge with a good book!

Shivani had this to say about her style as an interior designer:

"I love colour and the dramatic effect it has on moods and space. For every project that I undertake, it’s important for me to wander around its environs a bit, explore the space I’m redoing, learn about its inhabitants –their stories, its story. Much like a good novel, the space becomes a world that I inhabit for the length of a project and miss when it’s over. I love taking rooms from drab and unexciting to full of life. I’d much rather source locally and draw inspiration from India’s rich arts and crafts traditions, with their unabashed love for colour. I usually incorporate the outdoors as part of an interior scheme, matching and harmonizing colours with the natural surroundings."
 Love the clutter-free bedroom. Those colors and textures are all I need! 

Sigh. Can I admit that I'm at a loss for words here? I'll take it all, Shivani, thank you!

In case you're as impressed with her work as I am, please be sure to check out her Website and Blog for more!  Shivani's work has already received some great press, including features in BBC GoodHomes India, DNA and on one of my favorite blogs of all time, An Indian Summer. Shivani, thank you for sharing your story and work with us. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of your work on the web. Keep inspiring and all the best!

Shivani can be reached at:

Website | Blog


  1. Love the collection....Thanks for sharing....How r u? After a long time I am again in the blogpsphere....

  2. um...hello gorgeous! love that gallery wall.

  3. Very Nice post Gagan. Love Shivani's out of the box thinking.

  4. Love this burst of colors with the rustic textures. Dhurries and those mats are my fave elements too.

  5. She uses lovely strong colours that work together.

  6. love her cultural colors and using them in a right way to embellish the interiors...

  7. Hi, Gagan! So nice to have found you...we have similar spirits and souls...looking forward to getting to know you! Ally xo

  8. Hi, Gagan! So nice to meet you! Love your spirit and soul...looking forward to getting to know you xo Ally

  9. I certainly love the first photo with the chaise lounge!!

  10. Love first picture and great use of colors in all.


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