Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hello, hello. How was your week? It's been a star-struck week for us here at P&P little guy is participating in the school play (a two hour long adaptation of  Annie) and I'm in awe of all the behind-the-scenes effort that has been put into its making. I have a renewed respect for sets and set designers--it has to take an awful lot of vision and hard work to put up something so transient, but oh, the results. In. Awe.
Speaking of star struck, did anyone catch the golden globes this week? I usually don't watch but we actually sat through the whole show this time-- this past year, we've watched a lot of movies, (mostly all through redbox), and it was fun to actually see some of our favorites get awards. One movie that we fell in love with was Beginners. If you've seen it you probably know why I loved it--from the sunny home it was set in to the actors--Ewan McGregor (adorable!), Christopher Plummer (probably the performance of a lifetime!), Melanie Griffith (girl crush, anyone?), Cosmo (want to adopt him!), to the score (love love love the theme suite) to the story (finally figured out why it had such a genuine ring to it--it was based on the director's parents, there's nothing like having lived through a story to lend authenticity to the narrative.) Anyhoo, I thought I'd poke around the net to see if there were any screengrabs from the movie--the set was amazing, part of an actual home (a family actually lives there, and the kitchen wasn't touched up for the movie. How do I know this? I found an article on Elle Decor--they had done a piece on the beginners movie and set. Bazinga!) The artwork and sculptures you see scattered around the home actually belonged to the director's parents (told you it was authentic!)  Here's a look at the set.........

Credit: Elle Decor.

It actually looks so much better in the movie, hope you get to catch it. While I am on the topic of amazing on-screen sets, have you seen the interiors in the sitcom the big bang theory? When I'm not busy laughing my head off (funniest. show. ever.) I love ogling at the sets--so many furnishings are actually identifiable as being from Anthroplogie, but I just love the feel of their homes--especially the couch-rug-bookcase combo in Leonard/Sheldon's apartment. And how amazing is the giant double helix? I want. (I'm not really going to put any pictures/links in here, because I'm sure everybody and their grandmother already watch the show........)

Do you have any favorite on-screen homes? What about in hindi movies? I think I've shared this one earlier, but just because I'm repetitive sometimes (he heh), here it is once again.......

Do share your favorites too.....

Hope you're having a great weekend, see you here tomorrow with the third object in my series of fifty two. Till then, be good.......  :)


  1. Love the rocking chair and the figurine! Everything looks so fresh and airy!

  2. i have always been a fan of art directors, set series...movies masti magic is my ode to all of them :)...glad u had a great week...:)

  3. Aparna - its a thonet or thonet style bentwood of my fav furniture pieces ever designed :)..i dedicated a whole month researching and writing a post on their :)

  4. I like Anuradha Patel's home in Ijazzat :) I have to see Beginners now!!!

    ♡ from ©

  5. Love this set GB and the first thing that caught my eye at the Golden globes show was the dress combo Anjelina J was wearing. Sure going to get a saree made in that combo - White and that bright Red :-). Looking forward to seeing most of the movies.

  6. I'm not sure what beginners.. is all about.. But I totally love that song..

  7. Thanks for sharing the vid. Always love watching transformations.

    Sets I love : Mira Nair's Karma Sutra, A Love Story, Jodhaa Akbar and Satine's room in Moulin Rouge .

    Will try and catch Beginners.


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