Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baagh Singh: Chief Tabby-in-Residence.

So here he is folks, as promised. Meet Baaghwinder Singh (you can also call him Baagh** Singh  if you feel the name in its full glory is a mouthful) and yes, he currently occupies the exalted position of chief tabby-in-residence. He likes to go romping in the jungle, peeping through leaves while he stealthily stalks his prey and POUNCES!!

 (**Baagh, for those of you not familiar with the word, is the hindi and punjabi term for "Tiger")

 Sneaky Cat!

 Frolicking in the sunlight...

His favorite spot at home is either on my table where he runs amok, messing up all the papers (yes, he's the one that made the current mess on my table. Cats I tell you!) and of course he just loves the sunny ledge on my windowsill...he can sit there for hours (and days! LOL!)

I'm taking a couple of days off blogging, there are several tasks that need to be tackled and I have only one business day left to accomplish it all in (Oh, the pressure!), I may pop in over the weekend just to say hello..... Till then, be good, (miss me?) and have a great weekend!

PS: What do you think of my copycat styling? (pun totally unintended). Catch the original here. ;)


  1. Gagan, I think it came out wonderful...and I LOVED your way of introducing 'Mr. Baagh Singh':). You really have a way with words.

  2. awesome! But, why is Mr Bagh so shy?! WHy isn't he showing us his ferocious face?! :)

  3. Cool!!Bagh singh looks gorgeous with his vibrant color and magnificient stripes.All your post are so beautiful.

  4. your bagh singh is so cute. We will miss you. Come back soon.

  5. Haaaa!!!! now I know what you were busy with the last couple of days :-). Bhaag***Singh is cute cute cute and is sitting well on your desk. Give a big hug from me . why did the red earrings catch my eye - simple answer because they were beautiful:-). Have a nice weekend GB and we do miss you.

  6. that is one cool cat :)
    and i lol-ed at the anem you gave..i actually thought u were interviewing someone..haha

  7. Love it!!! It looks very well done! :) [Make one also, pls? :P] You have a good weekend too!

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  8. Thank you Gagan for your lovely comments! With such a creative blog you must be a very talented person, following you too now. Great posts, this one's way too cute.. fell in love with your sher :) And you made him! I will drop by often!
    Btw, the fishy is still alive, he's got company now too :P

  9. baagh ji ithna sharma khy rahe hai bhai

  10. Awww... he's so cute. Good job, Gagan!
    I love the last pic with the plant, red bag and balis and the cute guy.

  11. Baagh Singh is super cute and behaves like a celebrity....always covering his face:-) Tell him I am his biggest fan.

  12. cool cat :-) Happy weekend!

  13. Baaghwinder Singh is magnificent! Superb job!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Meera xx

  14. Now that's a super name for an animal with superpowers: Bagh + Singh!

  15. cute. have fun getting things done!


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