Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Betsy's Picture(sque) Wall

Hello lovelies! How is this fine Tuesday morning treating you? I'm happy because I got sunshine today (the real deal, not this kind)...I'm so influenced by the weather, it's not even funny. Maybe we should move to Florida or something---lifetime supply of sun n' sand! So anyhoo, after a looo-oo-oong hiatus I've decided to revive the old favorites on this blog.....I miss doing posts on entryways and home tours, and I'm hard at work trying to bring them back to life... so I thought we'd start on the right note!

Today we're off to visit Betsy (mom, fellow decor-addict, and DIYer extraordinaire!) at her gorgeous home in Lake Oswego, Oregon. I'm a big fan of Betsy's blog, aptly named Making Pretty, where she always has some fantastic DIY or thrift-store-find makeover brewing. So when I saw how beautifully she'd done up her entry, I just had to blog about it. Like many real people homes, there is no devoted foyer space or hall, yet she's managed to create a gorgeous, welcoming entryway. And I love that, because it's never about the big bucks for me, it's about a vision, some ingenuity and pure.unadulterated.love--that's what makes a home, home. Welcome to Betsy's.

I love that wall color! Her entry is mostly comprised of thrift store finds (the dresser, the foot stool, the rug, most of the art, the little silver foo dog, the bamboo tray), and most of the pieces have had some "work" done on them--the foo dog was spray painted silver, the dresser had new drawer pulls installed. She's got such a fun anecdote about the Georges Rouault print you see in the picture above---when she came across it while thrifting, she kept wondering why it seemed so familiar. The answer came to her several years later, while going through some old family pictures--it had hung in her mom's living room while she was growing up!! (I can SO relate to this story, I've always been drawn to objects similar to those in my mom's home. :D) The mirror is from her parents' home as well! :D

The red coral hook from a clearance sale at Anthropologie holds her mailbox key, there's a small dish to hold change, the dresser offers ample storage (they have three kids and kids need storage!)--form and function--I love it!

And even though this is totally unrelated to entryways, I have to introduce you to a few of her (many, and ongoing) DIYs....

Oh the awesomeness of this pink chair (a goodwill find) upholstered in a Dawat rice sack!!

A design*sponge-inspired jewelry bust (made from scratch, y'all!). This lady's resourceful, above all else! Do check out her lovely blog for more inspiring ideas...

Thanks for sharing, Betsy!


  1. Oh. I like the wall.. but totally loooooovee... the Daawat chair.. its gorgeous!! :-) Hope you have a fab week ahead!

  2. A beautiful picture wall, must say. I am a big fan of cluster walls. LOVED the red hook.
    My picture wall is WIP since quite some time now...I'm so inspired to finish it soon.

    Thanks for sharing this Gagan, I'm off to explore Betsy's blog.

  3. I do like these pictures. And I especially like that it doesn't look like a sterile designer-engineered landscape but like a home.

  4. Cute! I love that round mirror. :)

  5. i have always wanted a wall like that and wow for that chair upholstery

  6. Lovely wall Gb and I am more attracted to your writing style :-). The Dawat cushion is cool. I too collected some pics with these kinds of cushions and started saving my rice bag sacks for the future cushion covers :-)

  7. The Dawat cushion is a show stopper!!

  8. I love Betsy and I LOVE her federal mirror. She does no wrong!

  9. You should move to Singapore, plenty of sunshine all year round :):) and if you love the rain, there's plenty of showers in the afternoons too (especially these days ) :)

  10. Lovely home... Love the mirror...dresser... and the red coral hook - Love it all....

    The jewelry bust made from scratch is a great idea !!

  11. Thank You Gagan! I am so honored! There is nothing better than blog love is there? What a generous and thoughtful community we are a part of! Thank You all for your super nice comments!

  12. Absolutely brilliantly done wall...........the dawat cushion chair is really a coool art work

  13. Definitely time to move to Florida Gagan, then we can get together for coffee:)

    Very well done Betsy! Love the entryway, the pink chair, the jewelry bust...oh, I love it all:):)

  14. @All: thanks for your love! best.readers.ever.

    Betsy, thanks for sharing--it was a pleasure writing this post!

  15. Love everything here! The grey wall, the gallery, the floor, the oriental rug - all so gorgeous together!

    And that's a FAB jewellery bust, I want to make one now!

    Meera xx


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