Thursday, February 10, 2011

A picture a day, 4


:) Here's a "defining moment"---Do you see clutter here? I see a lovely warm welcoming space!! What's your decorating style?


  1. I like this.

    But the style varies somewhat from room to room.

    And yet, there is always a love of color, of art made visible.

    Today I am repainting our sitting room. It was Benjamin Moore "Nutmeg." It is now to be C2Paint "Garam Masala."

    Photos to follow.

  2. oh I love it! Had such a board up in school days...used to make me feel so warm about the room!

  3. Gagan,
    I was always envious of white space but after a lot of struggle with myself, I realize that it is just not me! So, now embrace this warm space with all its 'clutter' and human element!!

  4. I love color and clutter, as long as the clutter has a place. I am always wanting to try to declutter and use whites, but like 'Roshni' above, it is just not me. And as much as I think I would might like the white, uncluttered decor, I think I would be very uncomfortable living in one.

    I do love the room, it is inspiring.


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