Friday, February 11, 2011

On February, spring, reflections, and plans!


Gentle reader, dear friend....thank you for dropping by and reading everyday...........your comments always bring a smile to my face! It's been really hectic here: traffic is horrendous! Much as I love my country and Delhi--- something needs to be done about the traffic and pollution!!(Unfortunately, I have no solutions to offer. :( ) But, moving on, there's nothing that can compare with the feeling of being with family---it's been busy busy busy!! jet lag notwithstanding,  my heart is full....there's a lot more travel planned with whirlwind trips being squeezed in to ensure we get to meet with everyone..........It's warm(ish) out here and the birds are chirping and there are flowers in the garden. Spring! :) I seem to forget to cart along the camera everywhere I go, so, as yet, I have no pictures to share with you (I'm working on that, promise! :) ). I haven't had much time to visit your blogs/handle correspondence, and it looks like it may be a while before I'm on top of things. And I'm okay with that, the important stuff, being here, is getting done, and that's all that matters!! :)

Anyhoo, getting back to the blog! I've been meaning to shake things up a bit on the blog front for a while now. Yes, it started out as a design blog, but it has since grown to mean so much more-- almost a journal of my days as they go by. I do find myself holding back at times, not broaching topics uppermost in my thoughts, as they do not match the "scope" of the is so much more than just design after all! After mulling over the "direction" of the blog, I have decided to widen its horizons..............yes, it will remain a design blog, but there will be a lot more "me" in it. (Brace yourselves!! LOL!). I realize that posts that elicit the most dialogue are the ones in which I pour my heart out. In that, I have done you a disservice by not acknowledging the mature, intelligent audience I have. Well, that's about to change, albeit gradually. For starters, I'm introducing a series of guest posts for you. My showcase of people I'd love to surround myself with...creative, funny, fun, smart, well read, intelligent, sensitive, mature.... you get the picture? I'm starting off with five guest posts, one for each week that I'm away...this is a series I'm hoping to continue, probably on a monthly basis once I get back to regular blogging. Each of the visiting bloggers is a "woman of substance" to borrow a phrase. Much like you and I , they do everything-- kids, home, family, work---and somehow, in the middle of it all, they remain true to themselves. To me, they're interesting (and inspiring!) because their personalities shine through.....I'm so thankful to have come to know them and I'd love for you to "meet" them as well......I hope you'll  love getting to know them as much as I do! Introducing, "My Kinda Gal(s)".........


  1. great idea! can't wait to meet all the women:)

  2. I look forward to reading more wonderful posts on your "new" blog.

    I have been here everyday looking at the new pictures :). They are all pretty , unusual and interesting! :)

  3. Hey!
    Where can I find that picture wire?



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