Monday, February 21, 2011

My Kinda Gal: Kamana

Gentle readers, continuing with the series of guest posts, let me introduce to you a very talented lady, Kamana. Her blog, Journalling Through Photos, is full of amazing photography and a source of endless inspiration. Kamana's posts often feature her signature prose and poetry--words that can make you stop and think--you can't read and not reflect!! Like I've told her, I'm waiting for the book... 

Take it away Kamana.....

Weave upon weave

weave, interweave
strand by strand
joy and sorrow
in an ever changing
intricate web.
filling the heart
to bursting point
wringing it all out
constricting the soul
with pain.
smiles laced with tears
layer upon layer
of raw unmasked emotion
weaving the tapestry of life.

Kamana, Thank you for joining in! It was a pleasure to have you over!!


  1. Very nice post! Kamini and Kamana - how much of a coincidence is that :) for the first 2 guest posts? Great idea Gagan...thx for sharing space!

  2. thanks for having me over :)

  3. I love Kamana's photos each day and oh! her poetry! Such a beautiful person for me to meet. Thank you...♥

  4. So so lovely and thrilled to be in the same league as Kamana! I have admired her poetry and photographs for a long time now.....

  5. That's a nice picture. Will hop on to her blog to check out for more.


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