Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Friday Folks!!

I recently heard of Anokhi, a museum dedicated to reviving and preserving the art of block printing. I'm not sure whether it's already done the desi(gn) blog circuit(apologies if you already heard of/blogged about it earlier!!), but just in case it hasn't, here's a  quick video to get you acquainted with the MO......

Here's a link to the museum website. Do hop on over for more info!

That's it for the week folks, have a great weekend!!

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  1. Oh yes! I know about Anokhi! Also shop there every year :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the video..just amazing.
    @ Divya: Anokhi is one of my favorite shops. Another shop that I really like is Soma.

  3. I always shop from either Anokhi or Fabindia for my kurtis, etc.

  4. I know fabindia but not this one. But then, I am so out of touch with what's out there. Will remember it for my future India trips.

  5. fav place to shop. I go there all the time and yes, I visited the museum in Jaipur last year, and the only other creatures besides me were a couple of pigeons inhabiting the lovely corners of the museum. I met a man who was carving out the blocks, he led me thru the whole process...its a fascinating place! I loved it.

  6. Yes Anokhi is one of my fav places too for the past 18 yrs :-). Was too happy when they opened their store in Hyd few years ago.

  7. Anokhi is great! And they've opened a store 5 mins from my place - yay! Some people feel that they tend to repeat a lot of prints, colors. But they still look gorgeous :)

  8. Where are you GB? I have heard about this but havent tried much of their stuff.I generally shop at FabIndia and Good Things for such traditional stuff..Love love block prints.


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