Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog swapping with Patricia of Colours Dekor

Hello my loves, I'm swapping blogs with Patty of Colours Dekor today. Won't you hop on over to Patty's blog to check out my post?  But first a little bit about the ever-charming Patricia. Take it away girl.....


Hello to all my lovely readers ~ of Peacocks & Paisleys. I’m Patricia Torres and I passionately blog at Colours Dekor. I just simply love weekends and hence thought ‘The Friday Mix’ which is a blog swap… is the best way to kick start my weekend.. Yes.. my weekends are Friday & Saturday… !! Would you like to blog swap with Colours Dekor?? Email me on Let me know, Id love to hear from you

Now a little about me ~ I’m a design enthusiast… I love to make my surroundings beautiful.. I wake up every morning with a zest to keep my home clutter free, organised and beautiful. My day job is in the finance industry and hence my evenings are dominated by home chores ~ which mainly consist of cleaning, clearing and sorting apart from the norm.

I started Colours Dekor as a journal to capture the pretty moments in my home… to cherish the DIYs or paint jobs. I love changing the décor and adding a little extra this and that, here and there… which just meant my home never looks the same.. Hence the easiest way to capture my hard work… was blog about it.

Weekends are very special to me.. so that’s when my home looks extra gorgeous… I arrange, rearrange and assemble curios & knick knacks around the house to give it a fresh & innovative look!! Weekends start with candles, even if there are no guests. It’s always nice when people appreciate your work, but there’s a different kind of euphoria to looking around at what you’ve done and feeling a happy feeling on the inside – so I like making my home look special – even if it’s just for me.. *smiles*

Most projects are planned and executed over the weekends as well.. I love to see ‘walls with character’… I’m not a white wall person.. atleast one wall in my home needs to be painted with a burst of colours.. or a few photographs; perhaps some candle arrangements as well – I believe a wall, or for that matter a home- just like a photograph, can speak a 1000 words. I’ve done a few wall projects and they’ve all turned out lovely – you can check them out at my blog as well – they have been labours of love! This is one of my more recent projects - a picture of my girls room. One weekend we revamped their room, by making ballerinas on one wall and butterflies on the other… All in all, a gorgeous looking room!!

Like I said earlier… Weekends are extra special to me.. Do come and join the linky party at Colours Dekor ~ The Weekend Wrap Up.. and tell us all about your weekend!! Hope to see you at Colours Dekor and don’t forget to say ‘hello’ - I love hearing from all you lovely people *smiles* Thank you Gagan for blog swapping with me today… *hugs*


Thanks for the wonderful blog swap idea Patty! I had a blast. :)



  1. Great idea girls!! Love seeing you all on each others blogs :) Happy Weekend. Now let me hop over to Patty's!

  2. Lovely idea, nice to see you in each other's blogs..

  3. Fab Idea of Blog Swap! Patricia I enjoyed your post. I love wall art too.

  4. Lovely post Patricia. Good to know about the way you spend your weekends, very inspiring.

  5. What a lovely idea to swap and I love your walls!!

  6. Very nice, Patricia! I like your approach to your house/life!
    @GB: did you get my email in response to your query?

  7. Two lovely talented ladies. Awesome post. Will check out Patty's.

    Patty - Your love for lotus and pink is definitely rubbing on me.

  8. Lovely write up Patricia.Its always nice to know new bloggers!
    @GB: Will check your giveaway soon and reply too..little busy!Love ya!

  9. always like reading your friday posts.


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