Monday, December 6, 2010

Wishlist for Monday..........

Hello Monday! So seeing that wishlists are cropping up all over, I thought I'd share my wishlist for the week ahead with you: May this week be full of color and joy and the spirit of the season....May there be fewer irate drivers on the road, more smiles shared among strangers, may there be moments steeped in tea and solitude, time to put those tired feet up on a stool, aromas of cookies wafting up from the oven, snow--just the white stuff, enough to look pretty, but please oh please let the roads be safe. Moments to craft in, to get those lists back under control. A friendly wave and some (real, not junk) mail in the box. :) Oh and some prettiness wouldn't hurt either!!! Some flowers, a candle or two...not too much to ask is it? :)


 Martha Stewart, linked via.

Picture credit: Lanalou Style.

What are you wishing for this week?


  1. I am wishing for this week to past soon! ;) Lovely images .. sp. the first one!

  2. That ribbon across the glass tealight is just perfect :)

  3. I am wishing for some sleep:)) Will someone please gift me that?

  4. the flowers in that last photo are beautiful! great post, dear!

    this week i am wishing for my last final to go well + for the snow to let up just a tad.


    xo Alison

  5. Dear GB,

    Thanks for your encouraging comments all the time. An award awaits you at my space. Please collect it.


  6. Last picture is soo beautiful. I m at a crucial moment in life..wish to come out of it soon and good :)

  7. Your list is wonderful. Like Sinfullyspicy, I'm snared by that last photo too!
    Following your suggestion, I've just posted Part 1 of my long-flight travel tips. I'm looking forward to reading yours!

  8. Here's wishing all your wishes come true :).

  9. oh lovely.. nice post!! I love the second image.. so so pretty!! A little eye candy always makes me happy.. :-)

  10. gorgeous gorgeous and gorgeous!

  11. Sleep! All I want this week is sleep...sweet sleep.



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