Wednesday, December 8, 2010

DIY: home-made potpourri

Lovely readers, how are you? I realize it's been a while since I shared a good ol' DIY with you. This request (among others) was put in by my friend Divya of SHP. She wanted to know how I make my own's one way of making it. Next time when you get flowers home, don't discard them once they start to droop..... clip flowers close to the base (calyx) (if the petals fall off, collect them too). If you live in colder climes, spread the flowers out in a single layer near the heating vents (I just dump mine into a colander and prop it near a secluded heating vent). Another good area is the boiler room (make sure the petals are contained, and you're not about to spark off a fire!). Any dry, warm spot with circulating air should work just fine. Avoid exposing them to sunlight though, as they may lose color. Give them anywhere between a couple of days to a week. If you pile the flowers up, they'll get moldy, so make sure that they have enough air circulating around them.  Seasoned gardeners have designated areas where they dry flowers on the stem. For amateurs like me, this low tech option works just fine.....

Remember these tulips?--The petals dried beautifully!--since they were thick, they took almost a week to dry out (but at that point of time, we hadn't turned on the heating, which could, potentially, have hastened the process). Other flowers that I have worked with which dry into gorgeous potpourri-- my red salvia, roses, cacti flowers, pinks. Only flowers I've had trouble with were chrysanthemums, possibly because I tried drying the whole head of flowers. Oh well.

Pool together flowers of similar hues for a gorgeous, natural potpourri!! If you want, you can add a few drops  of essential oil; I like mine unscented and use them to provide a splash of color.....

Further reading:
Design*Sponge carried an article on making your own blends with herbs and spices.
This article explains the process for adding essential oils to the mix.
This excellent post covers the art of extending your cut flowers' life. 

Do you have any tips to share? (barring "buy a bag from your local {insert shop of choice here}" --My lazy way out!!)



  1. Gorgeous dried flowers ... I have used red salvia with their woody stalks as it is for installations . It dries beautifully with all it's color and stays on the talks for about six months .

  2. I love Diy s. they are so inspiring. I want to try it. what do you think it will work if I hang them on a thread in a dark corner?

  3. My kind of post girl!! I love anything DIY!

  4. Nice post. I love how your flowers retain their colors. Will try it out.

  5. I will give this a shot for sure! :)

  6. Gagan, you stop amazing me..This is another new thing I have learnt from you!
    This is what I do ..I take the dried flowers,particularly rose and spray them densely with rose water.Then I pack them tightly in a plastic pouch,and prick the plastic pouch at few places. The freshness of rose water lives for about 10 days or so.Very refreshing indeed.

  7. Thanks Gagan! What will I do without you? Next DIY post on my first request to learn how you made those truck CD coasters. With a blog name as 'Sound Horn Please', I want to make them too!

    @Tanvi: Made a note of your idea too :)

  8. @Sangeeta: Have to agree 100%! :)
    @Anu: thanks!! Are you back now?
    @Sayantani: I think it should work--that's what the experts do. Make sure it's a well ventilated area tho'! Best of luck.. :)
    @Jen: Thanks:) I have to post more DIYs now! :)
    @Geeta &Tanvi: Happy experimenting!
    @Tanvi (the other one!): Tip noted! Thanks:)
    @Divya: Patience my girl--working on it! :)

  9. wow! must give it a try & what is Divya talking about..i want to see those coasters too..pretty please :)

  10. Mmmmm my DIY ears have perked up and it looks fabulous. Probably have to wait a bit longer for flowers though. I can almost smell the fragrance in your pics.

  11. Thanks G ! I always just buy mine from the S$2 store :).

  12. sounds lovely!

    xo Alison

  13. Cool DIY! I Will try out this.

  14. You are a great inspiration with such easy and effective ways to re-use things at home. God bless.

  15. You're a regular old Martha Stewart today dear!

    Great suggestions.


  16. Aha, spreading them out is the secret? Now I understand!!


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