Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What I learnt this weekend....

Good Morning my loves! How are you today? I'm still taking it easy (very easy)!!! There's a fog descended on our city today and it's vaguely reminiscent of Delhi in january-- so I stepped out for a few minutes to inhale in some nostalgia  (yes, smog and all, LOL --what you'll find yourself "fondly" remembering as your mind plays her tricks on you!!), and I felt like listening to this this morning.....

I'm still a little stiff (bending is scary!) but have been cooking (thank god!) and have resumed all most tasks that don't need bending. I spent a LOT of time lying prone (supine actually if I am to be anatomically accurate!) on the couch, whereupon I pondered on some deep (and not so deep!!!) thoughts.......Here are a few crumbs of wisdom (or not!) from the couch.........

The Funny Bits..........

1. It feels great to sink into some warm cushiony goodness. Till about the first hour. After that I fret, and turn into a cranky monster.

2. I get an (uncontrollable) itch to straighten the (only) artwork above said couch, about 15 minutes into said supine position.

The comfiest couch in the whole world! And that artwork is just crying to be nudged isn't it?

3. Heating pads are mankind's gift to me. And for some reason America has yet to discover a decent hot-water bottle that doesn't leak. (Anyone else miss their good ol' duckback from back home?).

4. Drugs that need a photo ID and send you to la-la land are the tops work!! (only when used as intended---don't try this at home, people. Seriously!!).

5. If you thought polka dots (I'd love to carry off that dress with that much flair!)were just another trend, I have a newsflash for you---they're classics! LOL!!

A wedding gift from my BFF. Batik on cloth---the brown streaks are a result of sun-bleaching!

6. I have never wanted to take up a duster and clean all surfaces in sight till I knew I couldn't---seriously, dusting has to be lowest on the totem pole of undesirable tasks in my list (yes, somewhere along with cleaning rims of the potty!).

7. Never underestimate the power of that one little chink in your armor---it can make itself FELT. Reminds me of an old panchatantra tale where a certain neglected part of the body decides to show all other organs who's boss! (I tried finding a link, but couldn't. Any help will be much appreciated!).

The Tear Jerkers....(Okay this is the part where I get all mushy-gushy, so if you're squeamish, skip it.)

1. I  realized that I'm not indispensable, that my boys can do things if I just let them. On the flip side, I realized that I AM indispensable and this three-legged race is best run on three legs (LOL, without the captain running her ship, the ship is doomed to eternally open ziplocs, grease spills and dirty kitchens!!!). What I indisputably did realise however, is that I cannot function at all without my boys. Not. at. all. You're my rocks, my heros.....

2. I also realized (ziplocks notwithstanding, LOL) that I would marry this man, all over again, through seven lifetimes or a million in a heartbeat. This one's for you babe! (I know it's not the one we've committed to memory, and he's ever so slightly off key, but it's those words....)....

3. I started this blog back in June of 2010, after taking possibly the worst battering of my life---the punches just kept on coming, one-two-three. There were some things that prayers helped with, some that they were powerless against. Cest la vie. But back there in June, I made a decision, to start my own blog, to reach out and say hi. I have no idea why I did it, or where it would take me, never a clue that I would open up to this degree to a sea of nameless 0s and 1s. It was a design blog. Focussed on  the good, the uplifting and dare I say it, the inane. But slowly I started opening up, and the emails started. I got to know you better, at a level I couldn't have, had we met at a grocery store or a soccer game---your core, that most guarded of spaces..........I'd found friends.

Flash forward to today, I have emails in my inbox that move me to tears, I have friends who've been there, done that and survived, I have inspiration and so many people to look up to, that it near takes my breath away. I'm humbled and honored that you chose to think of me, talk to me.... Thank you. I've seen these thoughts written many times before on many blogs---I never realised how true they were till they touched my life. Trite, cheesy, but OMG, so true. Takeway message? there's really none I guess. Just a deep heartfelt thank you for all your incredible kindness. :)

Disclaimer: Read at your own risk. P&P refuses to honor any requests for replacement of tissue boxes used while reading the passages above...

Notice: we will return to a more regular schedule once the dustbunnies have been swept out of sight (I did NOT say back under the chair!). I vow to lay off the touchy-feelies (for a bit), just don't "unfriend" me! LOL!!


  1. Sweet ...a touching post. If you were my neighbor, I would have given you a big hug and lots of sunflowers. Get well soon girl.

  2. I totally get that itch to straighten the picture.I get it if I see that my carpet is not aligned exactly to the sofa.Crazy ,huh

    Being unwell does that to you, no matter how big or small the pain and discomfort,it does make you a bit emotional.Always happens with me.I think, in a way it's good that you are taking it easy.Gives the mind some rest and food for thought.Do get well but take your time getting into the full swing of daily life.Get pampered and enjoy the downtime.:-)

  3. I am in denial of this half the time, but I really know what a bad back feels like. Its the worst. And it unfailingly happens to me if - 1. I have just been pushing myself too hard for too long without respite. 2. If I am stressed and in denial of it.
    So I'm sending you a BIG HUG. Take LOADS of rest, thats the only thing a bad back needs really. REST REST REST. and be happy :)

  4. :) lovely post :) You can be funny and very touching at the same time. Get well soon :) hugs hugs hugs...

  5. Aw :')

    I'm glad you're here, and that you're starting to feel better. :)

  6. Oh sweetie..Love you..everytime I read your blog..I feel that we might be sisters in the previous life...I wish I could smell the fog...because I dun get any of it here and when I used to travel frm Mayur Vihar to Gurgaon at 6:30 am morning..I certainly had an overdose daily!
    Another point..If I get up at 2 in the nite and I see that a chair is not straight, no matter how hard I try , I wont be able to go to sleep unless I set it right :) Enough to irritate the hubs!
    And I keep on putting off the dusting chores till that very day when the dust thickness is enuf to take a toll on my life :)
    Will mail u dear abt tht NJ thing...Hugs!

  7. This was such an incredibly sweet post! :) Hope you feel better soon. Hugz!

  8. Being sick has its advantages also. When we are forced to rest, our heart/soul becomes very active in an emotional way, and that is good,because otherwise we are so busy planing, and keeping ourselves occupied in a very practical way or should I say mindful way, that we often ignore the soft inner voice that is nudging us to listen to it.
    Our best ideas are formed in this state only so happy indulging!

  9. aaaawww... Im teary eyed.. and cant say any more now.. Hope you feel better soon.. Here is a big hug coming your way.. and you know if you need to talk.. or simply email.. or simply say something to.. I'm here.. and I promise to listen to it all.. Loads of love!!

  10. Wow, you really are going thru an epiphanic (is that a word?) moment there...but I can totally see and appreciate what you are going thru! Nothing like being confined to a bed to sort of step back and take a look at the big pic! I second all the comments above....tissue box is right here next to me. Very moving post GB! Ok...now on to other things...I have been known to straighten pics in other peoples' homes, hotels, restaurants etc. Seriously..ask my hubby! Its just something I have to do! Then...you want a hot water bottle that doesn't leak? Get a doggie...not only will it keep you warm and fuzzy, it will lick and heal your wounds too...physical and emotional! Last of all...you are indispensable! We all need our daily GB quota! So hang in there girl...and get well soon!

  11. That was a sweet post, yeah, there are times I wonder y I hopped into the blogging world, spending countless hours reading and commenting and fighting over it too :) but in a strange way I sense the connect between people whom I might have otherwise not known at all. Get well soon!

  12. heyyyy..sweeto !!!
    Take care and be happy darling .... dilli ka mausam january jaisa hi ho gaya hai .... has been foggy for a couple of days n it's drizzling right now.

  13. OMG..even I have been through the worst with my bad back.Pls hang in there and take care.And your blog rocks.

  14. My sis suffers from a bad back so I know what a torture it can be. :) So rest and DO NOT exert yourself with carrying any heavy stuff or staying at the laptop for too long *nag nag.

    Just so you know, dearest Gagan, there are many aspects of you I like and they are all reflected in your posts. But the ones I truly love are those you make when you are passionate, or thoughtful and definitely when you are sentimental, like this very heartfelt one.

  15. GB,
    Hope you are getting better! Those are some profound thoughts :). I think you are indispensable- you make the day brighter everyday! That's a tough job! Get well soon!

  16. You are hopeless. And I still love you! I am such a freak, I get off the bed in my sleep to straighten and put together chappals on the floor.

    GB, jokes apart. I find you a warm, caring and very witty. Though you are a sucker for that sob story when you find one. I am hooked.

  17. Lovely post. Chuckles and tears. Oh...and I finally spotted the inane reference. :)

    Hope you have a gorgeous week full of more and more healing and (dare I say?) la la land drugs.



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