Monday, November 1, 2010

Over the weekend (or what I did while dinner simmered)....

The divine musical quintet, enjoying some glorious sunshine!

Hello y'all! howz the diwali decor progressing? Mine is coming along very (very!!) slowly. But I know we'll pull it off in time, we always do! :) I wanted to share a simple DIY with you. A couple of days back fellow-blogger Archana posted this fabulous idea where she used her kolam stencils to highlight some tealights. (You need to check out Rang Decor for more fab. ideas!) I loved it, but I was so bummed because I don't have all these gorgeous crafts at my disposal, sitting here, continents away. So yesterday, while dinner was simmering on the stove, I decided to take things into my own hands. It ain't rocket science after all!! (those who know me, know that this is the most used phrase in my vocabulary!). So I sketched out a lotus pattern (because that was the one that caught my eye and because of a certain blogger, I may have lotus patterns on my mind ;) ). So anyway, armed with a nail and hammer, I went at it....

(I had these paper plates left over from pizza takeout. I try to avoid using paper plates if I can....)

So it's not exactly perfect, but not bad for half an hour's distracted tapping, eh? I'm just trying it at the moment, not sure whether I will really get the time/be in the mood to make this on diwali....I'll need a darker background to really make it pop, and I'm not sure how I'll pull that off. I tried the kolam with rice powder at first, but I think it might have been too grainy to give the effect I was looking for. The outline did get traced out; however, it wasn't there yet. This is with all purpose flour---I used a sifter to dust the powder onto the plate/stencil and then lifted it off without disturbing the pattern below. Do you have the "real" stencils? What technique do you use to achieve an even pattern? (I realise that my hole-punches weren't evenly spaced and that is something I will work, should I decide to go with this for diwali!) 

Artsy setting! :) Please note my recycled diyas (from diwalis past....)

More pictures....because I couldn't stop at JUST one! (Bear with me---it's just the ham acting up!!!)

Come on, you know you want to see more!!
Okay. I'll stop already!  :) linking to the weekend roundup....

What are you up to?


  1. Love the elephants.

    Did I mention yet that we collect elephants?

    Not real ones, of course; but statues of many sizes.

    I'll have to photograph them.

    Up to making greeting cards!

  2. @Bruce: I think you may be referring to my first picture, of lord Ganesha, or Ganapati, the hindu god of success and wisdom and destroyer of all evil. He is a much-beloved deity and his blessings are invoked before starting any new task and during festivals like diwali.

    You can find a very informative wiki page here:

  3. I love the Ganeshas . They always look cute.

  4. great job GB. Ya, I have some which are store bought & some that I have made out of thick plastic folder sheets...I like to paint instead of using powders that ways I less scared os someone spoiling them by stepping these sheets work best for me.

  5. Wow, thats amazing Gagan!! Have a lovely Diwali.

  6. I could only expect creativity from you. Try making "laxmi's feet" and make foot prints all over the house. I am planning to do something creative too this Diwali.....will update you once the idea becomes the reality.

  7. Lovely ganpatis ...I have some too...they look fab ...Cool koalam idea

  8. Certain blogger.. is going to steal this idea.. I'm truly in the mood for lotus'... but all the stuff I had planned for my lotus inspired room.. seems to be going down the drain.. The stuff would be in stores.. sticking in front of my face.. but now.. when Im looking.. I cant seem to find it.. So I'm still working on my own colour scheme.. (lotus inspired colour scheme) at the moment.. :-)

    Thanks for joining the weekend madness.. You make my day!! *smiles*

  9. Lots of work .......... the pictures are great as always .
    I make a news paper stencil for diwali and use colored gulal for dusting , talcum powder works well too if a white rangoli is required.

    This method of poking holes i have tried in my school days and this post made me a bit nostalgic.

  10. i like what uve done..pretty inspiring

  11. Ganpatis soaking up the sun makes for a good sight in the morning! :) You just got me in the mood for some Diwali inspired creativity!!!

  12. You have done an awesome job there. My mom and most S.Indians use rice flour to do kolams. But I guess any flour will do.

  13. Oi, this is so cool. I love that lotus. Take a bow girl, take a bow. You have hereby done what only great artists do!

  14. Oh lovely! And what patience Gagan! I saw archana's post and decided to get some the next time instead of trying to make them on my own...

  15. This is a super idea..if only I had the patience and those artistic fingers as you..sigh!

  16. I tried this too, but with aluminium foil and a needle, the result was disappointing. But I'll try it again as you said. Thanks for the tips!


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