Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happiness is.....

  • A virtual hug (or several). I felt each one....and here are some thank yous coming your way...{HUGG}........

  • A knock on the door. A friendly face and tea&chatter. Over the dirty kitchen island. A real hug, the perfect complement to the virtual ones.

  • Knowing that the dirty countertop won't announce it's presence. Not in this conversation. Not with that friendly face.(It may niggle in the back of your* brain, but who says you're right anyway?) (*and by "your" here, I mean ME and my brain).

  • Music in the kitchen.

  • Bread on the rise.

  • Your kind words, and how they brighten even the gloomiest of November skies.

  • Your lovely posts, you inspire me!

  • Diving into a bag of mirchi chips. (Never mind the consequences!!!!)

What's making you happy?
(This post inspired by  1, 2, 3 If you haven't discovered these blogs yet, why not?)


  1. are super cool G...:)..loved your list...glad to see u back..hope you are doing better.

  2. Cool post ..hugs .

    Will check out the list later ...just clicked in to see you are all right.... right now i need that 'hug' from you :)

  3. such an inspiring post, my darling! and thank you for the shout out :)

    right now these things are making me happy:
    // the history channel
    // comfy slippers
    // quality time with my mother
    // coldplay
    // urban outfitters
    // your blog!

    xo Alison

  4. What a great list! I am happy just reading it! :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I know how happy eating mirchi chips feel :)
    What makes me happy is being close to people I love the most!
    Removed the previous was a long post from times I used to write :)

  7. Now I need my bag of chips. Sweet post. Hopping over to check out the 3 blogs that inspired you.

  8. Oh, glad you liked the book! And Duncan's rock-starish looks don't hurt either, eh?

    Such a lovely post--the fundamentals are indeed friendship, bread, music, and books. And may our risks be as pleasantly dangerous as Mirchi chips.

  9. ah tht pic of the chips and a cuppa is bliss

  10. @Sudha: Thanks for the badge! :)
    @Sangeeta: BIG hug headed your way. Hope all is well?
    @Alison: Thanks hon. You deserve so much more than a number. Someday, I need to write a post on you.
    @Tanvi: :) That was mine intention!
    @Tanvi: Mirchi Chips rule!!!
    @Geeta: There are several other blogs that inspire me as well! These were the ones uppermost in my mind while composing the post!
    @Niranjana: I have only just started the book and I'm loving it so far. I only needed one "trusted opinion" to bank on---thank you for being the one!
    @Nisha: Yup, those masala chips will do it every time!

  11. Hey happy you :):)

    For me, I am a firm believer of truisms like- You happy, I happy. Don't worry, be happy. Laugh and be happy :). Simple things in life makes me happy. Yes, it has taken me a while to realise for myself that happiness is not a complicated process. :):):) Just don't let anyone or anything get in the way of that.

  12. Love that mirchi chips. Lots hugs.

  13. Lovely post! And the list.. This is the first time I'm ever hearing about Mirchi chips. I think I need to take a re-look at my childhood!

  14. loved your post. Right now if my daughter decides to sleep..that SURE will make me happy ( its close to midnight here)

  15. Lovely post and A HUGE THANK know why.It was unexpected and am so very very touched.

  16. Very touching post...and I don't mean the "hugs" only :)

    We don't often stop and think of the little things that give us immense happiness. Your post just did that. I had a few older posts on these lines...time to write another one, I guess :)


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