Monday, November 8, 2010

Back to the daily grind!

Though we are still basking in the afterglow* of diwali, life is slowly falling back into it's daily rhythms.  The mithai, which was supposed to last weeks, has vanished, leaving behind a trail of til (sesame seeds). The diyas which danced with life have been emptied of the tealight shells and lie arranged in neat stacks, ready to go back into hibernation till next diwali. All is not shorn however, our home still bears a distinctively festive look. The string lights are up and will remain so till spring thaw (pointless to take them down now only to put them up again for Christmas + hubs and I suffer from epic laziness. You know what they say about the serenity of acceptance.  ;) ).

I didn't capture many pictures in the moment, because we were too busy living it, but here are a few pictures from our weekend.........

These pretty flowers now adorn our coffee table. I'm trying to root cuttings of pothos and coleus in this brass planter/vase (a very lucky thrift find!) and I decided to pop a few blooms from the diwali centerpiece in here for color. I hope they won't interfere with the rooting process. As you can see there's a little lot of sparkle going on to keep the festive mood going till thanksgiving a (and beyond). Those are spray painted shells in the foreground. I {heart} spray paint. Who says shells are only for beach-y themes. I don't like being pigeonholed into anything, especially not into styling tenets.

My little buddha corner got a little glittery makeover as well.....


After. (Not necessarily a before=yucky/after=great kind of makeover. Just different. And sparklier. I may or may not revert to the original setting once I get tired of looking at the sparklies). The flower is me flexing my (newly found) stylist muscles. Hyuk hyuk.

No weekend adventure is complete without the food. I present to you, the mithai bowl before the carnage.......

Pedas and til ke laddoo. The "after" pictures are kind of sad. :D

We I slept in on Sunday, and woke up to whopper mug of tea (my kind of morning!)and decided to make matar parathas for brunch............I started with this.....

made a big batch of these......

served it up with this........

....and tried to sneak in an afternoon nap. Yeah! :)

That wraps up my weekend!!! Joining in the fun at Patty's blog!

*This definition, not the other one**.........

............**get yo' mind out the gutter!

Breaking News: Coming up later this week: another fabulous home tour. And another giveaway! Stay tuned...........



  1. Oh! I want some Matter ke Paranthe with Boondi ka Raita! Yummm!!! Looks like a good weekend to me! You have a lovely home!

  2. LOL on your too busy enjoying to take pictures comment. Your parathas look yum.

  3. aaawww... thats such a cute post.. Sure seems you had far too much fun to be thinking of us.. *wink*

    I truly like the way that buddha is placed.. and am going to have to take that idea from you and recycle it.. *wink*

    In my home.. the sweets.. have left a trail on the weighing scale.. Which means.. I've put on a few kilos.. and cant be bothered now.. till new year..

    Those parathas look amazing.. Thanks for linking in to the weekend party.. You know I expect to see you every week now.. *wink*.. thanks a ton..

  4. ooo..the brass planter is gorgeous! And i love the way you have painted the shells..what a neat have inspired me to try out the same...

  5. I loved the idea of painting the shells too. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! Mine was gloomy with rains pouring incessantly for 24 hrs non-stop...and your flowers sure lifted my spirits.:)

  6. Your peas parathas look very delicious, do i see a raita next to it?
    Very nice presentation.

  7. Even i like enjoying the moment more than taking pics most of the times. Loved your brass planter and of course the matar parathas.

  8. I love all the pictures. I last had matar ke parathe shopping at Old Delhi (Paranthewali Gali).

  9. I'm glad I am not the only one who daydreams! Your cooking looks fabulous, care to send some my way? yum!

  10. wow!! loved the post and yes post festive look is really sad ...cant wait another year for the diyas to be lit...:)..thankfully we have another festival coming up..Karthigai and that is like a chota diwali at home :)

  11. dint want to miss out on mentioning - yumm looking parathas and loved your pics..u are super cool GB...:)

  12. lovely home Gagan. wish to see more...

  13. Thanks girls!! :D I love making matar parathas--a full serving of veggies in each one! *grin*. I forgot to mention, the dough is green due to cilantro...big bunch, ground and mixed into the atta (whole wheat flour). Tastes much better than the chandini chowk variety, trust me.(*said in my most sibilant kaa voice*) Also forgot to mention that the brassy shine was attained with juiced out lemon peels. No need for brasso. Less stinky and definitely more eco friendly alternative don't you think? (The peels were later popped into the garuorator, for a fresh lemony scent!)

    *super smug grin*.

  14. Looks like you had a great weekend full of spirit and love.

    So glad Diwali was brimming with beauty, tradition, and meaning at your home!


  15. The parathas look fab...oh ya my house still wears the festive look except the kitchen which is back on crash diet meals of conflakes & oats :)
    Hey share the matar paratha recipe some the perfect circles u made!

  16. Spray painting shells! How creative! Love it.

  17. Looks, sounds and smells wonderful...your Diwali! I can almost taste the matar parathas. And that thrift find brass gorgeous. Sets off the pinks of the flowers beautifully! Hey curious minds want to know....what did you end up doing to Mr. Elephant????

  18. The paranthas look wonderful; I'm holding myself back from crunching the screen. I should've known your craft skills would transfer to crafting paranthas :)

  19. Can't believe I miss the whole diwali celebration even in Singapore. Diwali in Sri Lanka was very quiet as most Lankans are Buddhists.

    I really love how you had done up your home, Gagan and your rotis reminded me of the fab ones I had in Lanka :).

  20. Yummmm... will drop by to pick up some parathas when crossing the US in Dec :-)

  21. Looks like you had a great time. The house looks lovely! Love the shells - is that gold spray paint? It's v.difficult to find spray paint in Goa (atleast in the places around here), and am saving up all these ideas for when I can get my hands on a can.


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