Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rich, Warm and Vibrant: Natalie's home in London.

I have always maintained that artist homes are the most inspiring places to explore. Throw in a hint of India and I'm head-over-heels!! You've already met the artist, now she's graciously invited us in to her charming home! Drool on my lovelies, there's cozy corners and pretty vignettes and art. Oh the art. And the color.....

The entryway that had me at hello. Yup, I'll come in, very happily!

A corner in her bedroom.

A corner of her living room. Stacks of art above an unused fireplace.

New acquisitions: throw pillows and kilim from Turkey! I love how the colors play off of each other. Love the shade of the couch--it looks like they were meant to be together!

More art, lending warmth and color to the sideboard.

This gorgeous bookshelf with the adorable elephant bookend resides in her living room. I like how pretty books look when arranged by color!

This is her home-office. How adorable is that sunny yellow? LOVE this space!

The dining space.

Her eat-in kitchen. Painted a glorious shade of earthy red! I've heard it called Georgia clay, this shade of red, and I love the feeling it evokes (the name and the color!)

Another view of the kitchen.

I love the contrast of stark white against warm red! And the little hints of blue just complete it, don't you think?

The inspiration behind the still life with lentils. I love how pretty they look in those glass jars, all lined up. Who knew dal could be so gorgeous!

Her designs for tea towels. They're going to be gorgeous, and will make for perfect christmas gifts!

An unused fireplace. What a perfect place to store blank canvases! I love how sculptural they look!

I'm going to leave you with one last gem:

A still life composition with her grandmother's china. Sigh.

Natalie, thank you for welcoming us into your beautiful, warm, inviting home. I can only imagine how cozy it must feel to enter your house after facing the notorious London weather!!! We loved getting to know you and wish you all the best in your future endeavors!!

All images copyright of Natalie Singh. You can find her at: blog, website, etsy, firm, flickr.


  1. LOvely....Thanks for sharing these wonderful interior designs...

  2. Oh I love the bookshelf...very inspiring for me b/c I have a bookshelf full of mis matched booked. I should try arranging them this way. Love the cute is that backsplash? And my favorite is the picture of the dal. You're right...who knew it could look so good?

  3. HEart the book shelf !! such a pretty space !

  4. Lovely home Natalie, and I am wondering if your lentil jar pic is up for sale? :)


  5. OMG....there were times I felt I was looking at my house....esp the orange couch pic and the dining room orange! Lovely home Natalie, and as always great post GB!

  6. oh god that is one hellova goodlooking and LARGE house according to london so many things esp the cute lil elephant and yes the yellow wall just adds that extra zing

  7. Lovely home Natalie...loved the dining room orange and the 'dal' pic ...:)..great post Gagan !

  8. I love the books and that reclining elephant! The dals are a great treat.

  9. You are right Gagan, the entryway sold me too! and hahhahaha- who knew dals could look so good!

  10. Gorgeous Home and Gorgeous Art! I was not able to leave a comment on the last post for some reason. But she über talented!

  11. WOW! What a gorgeous home. I want to visit!!!

  12. Gorgeous home and pictures...thanks for sharing and your little musings over the pictures make it a great read.

  13. Lovely home, so inviting and warm..loved the elephant bookend and the lentil jars.

  14. what a sweet home! love the canvases in the fireplace, that gorgeous bookend & those lentil jars are for sure a talking point!

  15. love the place... am a great admirer of kilims!

  16. She arranges her books according to colors!!! Wow!!! The grains in canisters is beautiful.

  17. I really love how color coordinated everything is!
    It's so soothing to the eye ~ and fresh.

  18. oh so lovely Gagan!! This is a special post.. I was meant to feature her work.. long long ago.. (year or so I think).. but i never got around to doing it... for some reason.. So its lovely to see her home here!!

  19. I love this post and am enjoying browsing through your blog.


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