Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lonny-ed over!!

Yes, I decided to coin a new term, scratch bowled over, I'm Lonny-ed over.......and this is why:

hmmmmmmmmmmm and drooollllll.

LOVE the detailed ceiling!!!

Folks in India, I'm dying of envy right now. You know you can pick up any of these gorgeous textiles, wicker furniture, chik blinds from the little shop around the corner don't you? How chic and effortless does this room look? John Robshaw magic!

More John Robshaw genius.

These sweet details.......

Some Eddie Ross glamor...

A pinch of this and a sprinkle of that. Have you read the latest issue of Lonny yet? have a great weekend!!!


  1. Oh lovely. That last coffee table with the glass resting on the deer horns...FABULOUS!

  2. same I liked that fab coffee table, even called hubby to check this beautiful piece of art.

  3. It is good to invent words!

    I love that ceiling, too. AND the globe!!!

    OH! And Charley Harper--I got that book last Christmas from my sweetheart :)

  4. tht bedside table idea with the wicker stool was superb

  5. So many things to drool on...the moodha side table for the lampshade , the L shaped sitting area in the corner , the hand made blanket , the woodpecker cushion and the coffee table... lovely.

  6. *sigh* what can i say.. Im just envious of the person who has all the stuff on your images.. wow!! I had a long day today. and its lovely to come back to see such awesome stuff.. :-)

  7. same like sayantani, called hubby immediately after seeing the table....loved all the corners and got envious too...:P..thanks for sharing...

  8. Lonny? A new mag? Wow. Thanks for the link!

  9. liked the idea of using the wicker "mudha" as a bedside table

  10. What a great tease. I have been purposedly avoiding it...I know it will take me hours to enjoy thoroughly. You have completely convinced me to get started.

    Happy Monday dear Gagan,


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