Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Home Tour: Dina's Eclectic-Chic Home in Taiwan

Every once in a while you come across an extraordinary gem of a home, one that makes you stop in your tracks. Dina's home in Taiwan is one such place. The lady's got an eye for the extraordinary and knows how to put it all together. Ladies and gents I present to you Dina's gorgeous global-chic abode!

That's a boat shaped bench. Please also  let your eye linger over the awesomeness of turquoise blue in the background!

Carved seat.

Such a gorgeous place to relax!

Her living room. Love all the colors and the warmth it exudes.

Closeup of the ottoman. "Kori" (cowrie shell) detail. carved wood. Rich blue fabric.

I like how she stores her quilts---they look so colorful together!

A closer look at her coffee table and colorful cushions. I just want to sink into those cushions!

Her enviable collection of ethnic stools!

Droooooooooooool !! and Gasp!

One last picture for the road.........
Love the little details scattered throughout her home---so much for the eye to feast on!

Dina, thank you so much for sharing your breathtakingly gorgeous space with us!


  1. WOW! So unique and different and so gorgeous! Really an eye for detail here...great color, and some fantastic furniture pieces! Awesome stuff GB and Dina!

  2. Wow! What a gorgeous home! I loved the furniture, particularly her collection of stools..

  3. That is one helluva great cozy warm home! I wanna move in ... Is Dina, looking for random people to come live with her? :P Kidding. But great color scheme and taste. Very Very nice.

  4. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous...love all the colors of the pillow, those ethnic stools, and adore the coffee table and cushions. looks very inviting and a great place to sit with a cup of tea and a good book :)

  5. Fabulous home..love all the unique stuff! Awesome home tour Gagan.

  6. Hi GB,
    Thanks for dropping by...and I am sure like your blog more than you do mine:)
    Superb collection of write ups u have and all those beautiful contemporary artifacts are sooo gorgeous..
    I m big fan of rajasthani/gujarati hand work..so those stools top my list followed by the cat shaped vases & the carved seat...each unique & beautiful in its own way!!!! Wish could have everything in my home:)

  7. Fabulous post!! Love the house...

  8. I really love those stools. Her style must have really stood out in Taiwan :). A home worthy of Elle magazine :)

  9. oh my God...what a beautiful collection of furnitures...thats totally me. my heart almost skipped with a single glance on the first photo. love the comfort level that she has taken care of while planning the whole decorations. love these carved furnitures. please Gagan ask her where she acquired them from...I want these badly.

  10. GB...i love the 3rd pic..def a splendid place to relax.
    About those doubts u had...u are asking the wrong person, esp about sea food. i just recently opened up to eating fish..i am extremely choosy. Believe me, i didnt touch the fish in that curry i made, just the gravy:)
    if at all i eat fish, it has to be completely masalafied so it hardly tastes like fish...yeah im weird

  11. Very, very tastefully done. I love that chest of drawers and that frangipani growing inside. You know by now my weakness of them. :-)

  12. OMG...wow! Does she need a roommate?? <3

  13. Very beautiful..Has a good blend of Souh Asian and Mediterranean decors..

  14. isnt it a beauty...:) wow...

  15. Truly a collector's home :)

    Lovely post.

  16. oh wow!1 oh wow!! oh wow!!! Simply amazing... I loved loved the wall paper / colour... and the relaxing corner.. Gosh.. I could do with one like that..

  17. Ooh awesome house tour, thanks for sharing!

  18. Holy Moly! My dream house. I could look at these pictures a million times. Everything I hope my home will one day be.

    Thanks for sharing!



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