Saturday, October 30, 2010

Have a Spooky (and safe) Fright Night!

Just wanted to pop in and wish you all a happy Halloween! I have to admit this isn't one of my favorite holidays--I don't have much of an appetite for the macabre and some of the decor IMO is in poor taste--(i.e. I don't find a bloody hand dangling out of car doors funny in the least bit). But I have successfully escaped those and all kinds of creepy spiders and webs so far. As a family with a young child, we are still putting up the cutesy stuff (my only indulgence in kitsch!) and I really look forward to welcoming little princesses pwincesses and toads to my doorstep! I have avoided doling out candy in the past (stickers and pencil toppers!), having lived in neighborhoods with like-minded mommies, but this year I too have caved in to candy-mania. We have a strict one candy a day policy in my house, and hopefully we will be able to stick with it.....

So bring on the adorable goblins and witches, the ninja turtles and the yodas....just keep away the creepy adults please!


*Coke-announcer voice-over*: "We will return to regularly scheduled diwali programming after the the candy is counted!"


  1. I agree...I have no appetite for gory stuf and Halloween either. And the rule in my house is no candy after the sunset ...but I like your rule better.Will work on it.Thanks for your comments on my blogpost . I am moving to udhampur a place near Jammu . Part od defence life.Hope to restart blogging soon

  2. aaaww.. me neither.. I dont really like the ugly - gory stuff.. I like pretty halloween decor *wink*

    for some reason... the boys seem to simply enjoy all this..

  3. LOL !!!

    We usually pick out a few each and eat it on trick or treat night and that's it. But tell me this, how did you get away from giving out candy all these years? Did you do pencils/stickers and other non-edible goodies? Just curious.

  4. wow did you make all that..brilliant

  5. Trick or Treat, trick or treat. I will settle for some tea. Dog tired today. Happy Halloween.

  6. @Snehal...yes it's a good rule, but now I've heard geeta's and I might try to implement that!

    @Patty: So far, my boy isn't into the gory stuff, he's a very sensitive kid. But he's just six---we'll see how his teenage years unfold(!!).

    @Geeta: i got away with it because we lived in a cul-de-sac where nobody came trick'o'treating. The only halloween parties we wenmt to were the ones held at preschool/school...I used to give out baggies of stickers,tattoos and such.

    And the candy bag gets (miraculously!!) low as the week progresses (mommy gets rid of most!) so the candy binge lasts a week or so max! :)

    @Sumi, tanvi, pree: Happy halloween to you too! :)

    @Nisha: Nah! just store-bought kitsch!

  7. totally agree! Though Halloween is still not big here...but if ever I do celebrate will be pretty for sure:)


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