Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Readers from Chicago?

Moving. It can be Scary. or Fun.

I had a request, directed mainly at any readers who have lived in or are currently residing in the Chicago area. P&P reader Vinita is in the process of moving to Chicago and has no clue where to start. She's spent the past 17 years in a small town in Texas and is finding the move to Chicago daunting. (I've only been there once and I don't blame her---that place is h-u-g-e and can be a scary place to navigate.) They're looking to move to the suburbs and some insider information/tips would really help her. Parameters like safety and good school districts would be a great place for her to start and would help them narrow down their options. Anon. commenting is allowed, so feel free to leave your suggestions for her (please try to make them politically correct, I'm very uncomfortable around touchy issues--you know what I mean, right?)..........

Your advice is much appreciated!!


  1. I have a cousin in Palatine and her kids go to school there and it is supposed to be very good school area. I have visited and I liked it. For more info I can ask my cousin something specific if Vinita wants :)

  2. I have a really good friend in Barrington, a suburb of Chicago. Her kids all grew up and studied there, so I'll get some info too...

  3. We moved from Houston , texas to Naperville area.
    The school district is wonderful. My daughter liked the school, and she says the standard is pretty high compared to Texas. Sadly we had to move bk to Texas. We were living in an apartment close to train station, rather the train station was right behind. We enjoyed our stay in Naperville ,IL. It was close to premium outlets, temple etc and lot of desi community. Anything else if Vinita wants , I hope I can help.

  4. Oh!! I have no information.. But here is hoping she finds all the info she wants... and wishing Vineeta.. all the best for the big move!! Keep calm.. and all will fall into place!!

  5. I think I've said it earlier, but I have to say it again. I think I have the sweetest, most caring and thoughtful readers, ever. You rock!!

    Vinita, Please feel free to post any further questions here on the comment form. I'm sure they'll be able to help you out!

    When are you planning on moving?

  6. Naperville , Schaumburg and Palatine area are one of the best places to live in the country and the school districts are pretty good. No worries !!
    Btw, I love your blog GB....:)

  7. Thanks for the love Krithika! Hope that helps narrow down your search Vinita!

  8. I can't help much here but good luck Vinita with the move.

  9. Saying "Thanks girls" would be such a formality, as all the response to this lovely post by Gb is making me teary eyed. Such a quick response and so much help in such a short time.

    Tanvi.. Yes we did take a look at the palatine area and drove around
    Kamini... You have moved continents, so for you this will be a piece of cake, hehe,But i had not heard of Barrington so I will put that on my list for this weekend.
    Shalini... I would really like to compare notes with you. What did you like about chicago vs. texas? The real estate and the weather are two things which are scaring me. But apart from that,is there anything that should concern me? How did you like moving back to texas?
    Patricia.. Thank you so much.. its the thought that counts.
    Krithika... Yes those are the names I keep hearing. Will try to explore schaumburb this weekend.
    Sharon, style and sanghamitra.. Thank you so much for your wishes girls.. It means a lot to me.

    GB... what can I say... words fail me.. In such a short time,just because i posted a response to your post, you extended a hand and reached out lovingly. We have already moved here, three weeks back but not moved our stuff yet. we have left the house in Texas as is, and hubby has already joined work here.

    Let's see how things go. Till the time we have our house in texas,I keep thinking may be we can go back.. and this is what is not allowing me to move forward.

    Thank you so much... will keep you posted.

  10. Vinita,

    Wow, moved already! That puts things into a whole new ball park. Hope you manage to settle in soon. I hear you on hanging on to the hope of moving back, but we need to live in the now. Look at it as a fun adventure--a new city to discover, so many opportunities! Just pick a safe neighborhood and you should be fine. Renting at first would be the best thing for now I guess---I'm thinking of doing a post that sums up all my experience with packing and moving, but it might take another few days to write up. I hope I'll have it out in time for you to benefit from it!

    Till then, hang in there, girl. Take a deep breath, pull those shoulders back and say Chicago, here I come!

    Keep in touch!


  11. Schaumburg! Schaumburg! You won't miss Texas in Schaumburg...

  12. GB... See that's the thing."I" have not moved yet. We going to texas next week as its the long weekend. So I am in double mind. Hubby has to come back and join work but since I don't work(outside of home)should I stay back or ..hmmm You know the feelng.

    Archana REALLY??? That's wonderful. Schaumburg driving this weekend.

  13. Oh, okay. Hubby and I did the long distance two- city thing for about a year. It was really tough. We were newly weds at the time and all our energy, money and time went in shuttling back and forth. Plus, I'm not sure if you have kids, and how they will take it.

    This move, we had a lot of emotional issues with my kid. Moving is tough, but living away from one parent can have its own problems. I hear your dilemma, if indeed you decide to return to texas a few months/years down the line, then what?

    All I can say is best of luck........

  14. Vinita, hope you find a place to call home soon. Stay in touch- I read every comment! Best of luck....

  15. Chiming in much later! I hadn't even started my blog until mid-October. I live in Kildeer near both Palatine and Barrington which were previously suggested. Nice communities around here. Pricey but home values have decreased -- this is MUCH better time to buy than when we did.

    Naperville does have good schools.

    Another top-ranked school here is Stevenson High School, I believe its in Lincolshire. Homes within the Stevenson boundaries are desirable. Schaumburg would also be a good choice -- and check out the shops and restaurants on Devon Avenue in the city!!

    One issue is where are your jobs? The Chicago area is HUGE and you could wind up with a very long commute.Something to consider when choosing where to live.


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