Friday, September 3, 2010

Home Tour: Laura's Eclectic Casa in Texas

Laura's home is perfect. It's cozy. Eclectic without being OTT. Lived-in and Livable. Full of verdant, green, life (and some not-so-green life as well- she has a cat and a beautiful fishtank!). Best part--it's a DIY dream come true! I'm always in awe of people who think nothing of picking up their tools and taking on projects no matter how daunting they seem!! People like Laura who will get up there and finish a laundry room redo in five and a half hours! (I haven't been able to hang up a picture in five and a half months! booo!!). Laura with her quicksilver wit! Laura, whose posts are so much fun to read they often have me choking back laughter. (If you don't believe me check out her blog...and scroll down to the "comments" header! LOL! I wish I'd thought of that! :) --to be serious, I've only once been heckled by anyone on this blog---my readers are the most awesome bunch of folks! Yay to you!). Back to Laura you guys...

Now mostly, I have to do my homework when I write my posts, I need to dig down deep, draw out that one special thing that attracted me to the blog/website/human behind it all...then I need to work on the write -up. At times it writes itself, at times it is e.x.c.r.u.t.i.a.t..i.n.g.l.y. slow. Guess how fast my fingers are flying across the keyboard right now?

So, On to the pictures!

The Entry! Love that scarf, the mirror (and look closely at the picture beyond---it's a Thai-style Buddha depiction!)

 Laura says about her entry:

"I have a very long, narrow hallway, so there's not much room for furniture there. The shelf belonged to my boyfriend's mother when she was young, the mirror and grass mats on top of the shelf are both from World Market, and the poster is one I printed from the internet and framed. We don't wear shoes in the house - hence all the shoes on the shelf (which, aside from being a "landing pad", is why it's there in the first place, for our shoes and our guests' shoes)."

Living room media shelves and portion of the hall. I love the way she's hung the art! Also note: the sculpture on a pedestal, and the tabla-like drum front and center!

Of the hallway, Laura says: 
"The hallway with the white line around it isn't finished, either - I was planning to do the space above the line a blue color, kind of reminiscent of the blue domes and arches you find in Morrocco and Tunisia, but I haven't exactly the right blue yet (one that will coordinate with the turquoises in the living room, but not be too pale or too bright), so it'll stay gray until I figure that out."
Her gorgeous living room fireplace! Notice how her home is filled with plants?

Another perspective.

Also within her living room, the "meditation corner". The epitome of DIY.....

That's a wooden pallet, folks! How cozy it looks.....

Her home office and art...where she blogs from!
Laura is an artist by profession (maybe there will be a follow-up post!) and all the art has been done by her!!

Her dining room, which she has since worked on and more details here.

Her gorgeous bed, decked out in its summer colors!

The bedroom in winter!

On another wall in the bedroom, the vanity!

I love how she's displayed all her jewelry--its like art!

Her gorgeous Buddha corner in the bedroom entryway!

Want more? Check out her blog.....she gives a blow-by-blow account for each of her DIYs. She's still working on her home and is probably up to some fantastic project even as I write sure to check out her blog because she's got tons of neat ideas!

I hope I gave you plenty of eye candy to last the long weekend! I'll leave you with one last pretty corner from her gorgeous home..

As Laura would say: "Peace y'all!"

Laura, thank you so much for all the wonderful inspiration and gorgeous home tour!! Can't wait to see your next project! :)

All Images copyrighted to Laura.


  1. Love Laura's home...look at the bed. Just like a queen's! :-)

  2. yes, i know a little bit of hindi, having grown up on a diet of hindi movies, lol. and love AR Rahman's work.

  3. Lovely Space!!! Love the Buddha poster and display with jewlery.

  4. The meditation corner ... now that's what I call a luxury. She sure is an artist, its reflected all over her home.

  5. love the look of Laura's home. so vibrant and inviting. the buddhs corner is my the textile behind it. Gorgeous.

  6. Lovely. The meditation corner and bedroom are my favorites. thanks for sharing :)

  7. hey
    I love the Bodhisattva it a padma paani or vajra paani...dint know it was thai style depiction...having seen them in ajanta & ellora..and how could i not compliment on the wonderfully put together home

  8. I have missed 3 posts??! :). I have read them all though and as usual enjoyed the pictures . Love the one on Paisley Friday and all those incredible entry way. I love her bedroom and of course the Buddha corner :).

    You must make a post on your mandir cupboards!

  9. What a lovely, welcoming home.
    Her bed is totally swoon-worthy!

  10. Thank you for your kind, lovely comments, everyone; and thank you, GB, for this wonderful post! It means a lot to me to be able to create space which is relaxing and pleasing to people, and I'm so happy people like it! :)

    P.S. - Actually, I'm not an artist by *profession* - I'm a secretary, lol. I just happen to also like to paint. :)

  11. Gorgeous.. gorgeous!! I follow Lauras blog.. and have seen some of these images before.. You can tell she truly loves her home.. and the decor is just so happy, warm.. and truly Laura!!


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