Friday, September 24, 2010


How are you my loves? I'm in one of my "moods" today! You might as well get used to them...I know this blog was conceived as a "design blog", but at times I find it hard to separate my personal life (more specifically my state of mind) from the design aspects.... I hope you won't mind if I let myself peep through from time to time? So anyway, I'm working on a post that appears to have stirred a lot of emotion within (I might be a little late in posting on the studio tour I was talking of---but rest assured, I will post it once I figure out how I want to handle it)...and there have been several posts on the blogosphere that seem to be nudging me (I think I've said this before, but don't you think you only see what you want to?). I've been thinking of putting in links to some posts that really grab me (not all are design related), mainly as a compilation of posts that made me think, or laugh, or drool (drool-worthy design and recipes). Do you think I should? Would you be interested?

"Moody Monsoon" on Flickr.

Plus there are a few things I might have forgotten to mention in my earlier posts: I wanted to give a big shout out to Akshatha for taking the leap and opening her own etsy store. Good for you and best of luck, girl! In case you missed the post on her home tour, you can find it here. And you can find Akshatha's gorgeous blog here!

Crewel worked wristlet @ Akshatha's etsy store. 

Also wanted to share some music with you.....Have you heard of Susheela Raman? (She's the one who sang "yeh mera deewanapan" in the movie "Namesake"---her voice is fantastic, though her accent was rather thick in the song don't you think?) Anyway, her voice grows on you, it's sultry and there's a raw emotion that you can feel underneath...that is why I love her songs! Hubby gets full credit to introducing her to me...he got her CD from Amazon a couple of years back and I think we've worn it out by now....we love playing music in the car especially on our long drives. One plus point to all this immersion in music is that the little guy in the back can now sing along with artists like Kailash Kher, Shubha Mudgal and Paul Simon. Yes, be prepared for a peppering of music posts as well. What is life without a little sweetness and spice? Anyway, back to the lady with the liquid silk voice.... Here's our favorite:

Did you click to listen? did you like it?

I'll be back later. Till then, be good!! Loads of love,


  1. I think you should blog about anything you want to! I for one would love to read anything you, food, music is a way for us to get to know you better :-) And really, if you think about it, design exists in everything! So go for it...!

  2. with time I have developed a good circle of friends in the blogosphere and with that have got a bunch of blogs that I love to visit everyday. so write whatever you like I would be here to know you more through your posts.

  3. @Kamini, Sayantani: I have NO doubt in my mind that you would be back. Thank You. (You, and a handful of other "friends" are the reason this blog is so much fun to write!)

  4. Ditto.I would be interested in anything you write and will definitely keep visiting.So don't think twice.This is your blog and your voice and whatever you choose to say is worthwhile.

  5. Yes ,I heard the song and her voice is amazing though I didn't understand a word of what she sang.I had never heard about her so thanks for putting the song up.

  6. @Sumi: you're a sweetheart! :) The lyrics are apparently taken from Meerabai's bhajans. The more you listen to it, the more the song grows on you. :)

  7. nothing wrong with expressing inspiration in any form u find it i say..or else we would not have mood borads as designers, right?

    hope ur doing well missey


  8. I loved the song. Hadn't heard it before.. Thanks Gagan :) I learn so much from your blog! Though I think my favourite song from Namesake is Geeta Dutt singing Jhiri Jhiri Choyetali.

  9. Hadn't heard the song before but liked it :) And I agree with everyone you should blog about what ever you fancy! You readers will be here nonetheless ;)

  10. Go ahead do whatever you want to ...I am sure it will be great as always ...The song is beautiful are right her voice grows on you ...loved the pics and congrts to Akshatha on opening an Etsy store...

  11. @Prutha: I'm fine, just being a broody hen right now. Thanks for asking.
    @Divya, I hadn't heard the song you mentioned, just checked it out and I loved it. Geeta dutt rocks!
    @Tanvi: Thanks, that's what i love about your covers everything!
    @Snehal: :) Thank you. Its so good to know that you'll still be there. And her voice does grow on takes some time to get used to her accent but the voice is golden.

  12. loved your post! so go ahead what your heart feels like..n like they its your blog after all :))

  13. I love reading your posts when it is about about others but especially when "you" are peeping through .

    I enjoy the music very much. Don't supposed she is related to AR Rahman..haha :).

  14. Wow! Great music...I loved it. Thank you.


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