Saturday, September 18, 2010

Aarti Verma's Wearable Art: a Designer Profile

I had promised you a trip to hip n' happening Mumbai this week and I'd like to end the week with Aarti Verma's gorgeous art. Aarti has been working as an art teacher for the past year (lucky students!) and has recently completed a course in fashion designing. Now she is all set to launch her career as a fashion designer and has recently started retailing within Mumbai. Here are some of her hip n' trendy creations...

Hand-painted totes.

Details. I love the retro vibe!!! Aren't they adorable!

Aarti blogs at Art Meets's so refreshing to see a fashion blog with Indian clothes...kurtas (tunics) and stuff that we don't see out here. I miss the colors and the simple street fashion of India.

Her gorgeous totes. All hand-painted!!!

Details of a kurta top! isn't that something?

Her designs are selling like hotcakes! No wonder!!!  :)

She also creates her unique line of jewelry.....hand-crafted ceramic pendants,

and rings.

I love this!! Her inimitable style....

A new venture.....gorgeous hand-painted cushions! Drool! I have a feeling we're going to be seeing a lot more of Aarti, don't you?  :)

Interested in some wearable art? You can reach Aarti at: blog, facebook. Go say hi to Aarti. Our young artists need all your encouragement!

Bon weekend, my lovelies...I'll see you Monday!


  1. I love all her work. Especially the first two - love those women!

  2. I love the jewellery.Going to check out her blog,Thanks for the link.:-)

  3. Just loved her work, she is so amazing..have to see her blog..thanks gagan

  4. love the first bag and those two women. very Indian

  5. Loved the jholas and the jewelery . I have made some such jewelery using M-Seal ... wonderful !!

  6. I have been eyeing one of those bags.. specially the sun one.. I follow her work.. and think she is doing a fabulous job!! :-)

  7. So this seems like 'Love Aarti Day' I have her on my post today too! She is IMMENSELY talented!!!

  8. thanku soo mch gagan!!!
    Awwww tanvi 'Love Aarti Day' u guyz made my day..
    i feel so happy:))

  9. Gorgeous pictures and awesome work ...thanks for sharing and for yet another introduction.Thanks for visiting my blog and encouraging me .I was contacted by lots of friends about the problem with my blog ..hence could fix it

  10. omg such a talented lady she is,all work are very nice...Thanks for sharing dear.

  11. Awesome post, loved every piece of hers. I am off to chk her blog now, have a lovely weekend Gagan...

  12. An incredibly talented girl. Loved the ladies on the bag.

    Good pick - GB.

  13. Lovely and refeshing work... love the jewelry she made.

  14. Very talented lady..gorgeous work!..Thanks for sharing Gagan:)

  15. Beautiful !! Thanks for the links!! hopping to her blog!!

  16. love that ceramic gorgeous!!!


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