Sunday, August 29, 2010

Scheduled hiatus: a picture a day

August 29th. One corner. One morning. My place.  :)....

Ubiquitous rajasthani elephant. Some zany grass/plant that hubby brought home. Detailed view of the tabletop here.

Howz the weekend going? See you tomorrow!


  1. so so gorgeous... how about a home tour??

  2. nice gift :)

  3. Love the grass plant and the planter!!

  4. @Patty: just one more project, then I'll be ready to share...patience my girl, I'm really lazy!! :)
    @Alison: Good to have you back hon!
    @Jade: My hubby has the best taste doesn't he? :)
    @Sanghamitra: Thanks, good to have you back-how was the vacation?
    @Prachi: Would you believe--thrifted?
    @Devi: I love this plant too, and am very anxious to know how it will take the winter...couldn't find much online...hope it survives!! :)

  5. Lovely nook...the look is beautiful and complete with the planter and the artefacts on the tablewhich are going so well with the plants

  6. @Snehal: Thank you for your kind words!


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