Friday, August 27, 2010

Scheduled hiatus: a picture a day

August 27th.

I'll take one of everything, please. Heck, i'll take everything!! Mosaic table (who needs a tablecloth flapping in the wind anyways?) Yellow planter!! Brick wall? --yes please! Cute arch with equally cute hanging thingys? check!

Have a great friday folks!!!


  1. Simply beautiful! perfect setting..

  2. Wish I had the same outdoor table and chairs and rest can be done naturally..but the pic is truely inspirational as we can set various kinds of tiles on our table and paint the legs white...what an idea sirji

  3. wow, i love this perfect little spot -- I want to have tea and cookies right there!

    take care,


  4. love love love the table! hate table cloths!

  5. What a beautiful table! I can think of a desi version of this table with jaipur tiles.

  6. Thanks for dropping in girls!! :)
    @ Rekha: how true!
    @Shivani: bilkul ji bilkul! I would love to be able to implement this (minus the "love" on the chairs!)
    @Leela: Me too! :)
    @Kamana: I can live with tablecloths indoors! (but only occasionally!)
    @Divya: I know, I remember seeing some beautiful tables like that back in India! :)

  7. I'm always attracted to courtyard-style gardens and this one is great.

  8. Lovely picture....And really mosaic table is amazing.

  9. Beautiful Mosaic table ...I want I want....the other things are beautiful too but I can't get over the table


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