Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What I've been up to today....

On one of my thrifting adventures, I had picked up this vase for $1.99. Not bad, eh? I absolutely love its graceful shape- reminds me of a surahi (a clay pitcher or pot with an elongated, graceful neck).

So. It came home with me. Only problem is I don't care much for its green color. So I'm thinking-- that's another DIY project. Let's see how that works out.....

Well, today I finally got off my posterior.... and decided to do something about in. A couple of coats of spray paint later....Tada!!

Can't wait for it to dry....


  1. Oh my gosh.. .the black looks gorgeous... it truly does... Thats such a fab idea.. I'm going to do that for a few things I have as well.. :-)

  2. Very creative. looks sleek now. :)

  3. @Patty, @Shweta, thanks! The greeny stuff just wasn't cutting it for me- I just had to do something about it. :)

    Tho' next time around- I'll try to do the base first and then tackle the top- maybe invert it on something...

  4. Oh hey nice job! Looks fantastic! I am slowly finding out you can pretty much spray paint anything! Cool! The black is much more dramatic!

  5. @Kamini, @Sanghamitra: Thanks! :)

  6. Love the shape of that vase! It'll look sooo great!! :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by.

  7. @Amanda, Thank you....loved your blog! :)

  8. An easy to make DIY project!I have a spray paint lying in my balcony for a long time.Its time for its use.Loved the black color.Looking forward to see the vase with flowers.


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